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Mama T  Ital Chef @umekemarket @italkitchen808 & Singer of Psalms 🎢 1001 Bishop Street M-F 7-3pm

Daddy #samites

This is so blessed πŸ’•πŸ™ #Repost @landocalspinnian with @repostapp
Love my brothers @mikelovemusic @sam_ites @jahnnypeace @keithct

#tbt #Jamaica #iloveyouJamaica
I helped these #pickney catch their goat that ran away in #OrangeHill #1999

Starve the #parasites from what they crave. When you're having a sweet craving, guess what? ... it's the worms controlling you. Starve them out! Eat clean.. I have cheats now.. and by that for me a cheat is sweets or maybe some fries, or chips .: I'm always #plantbased however when i began this cleansing 9 months ago I was very strict and ate mostly raw and no sweets. Starve them out and give them their eviction notice! They've robbed you of life for too long! πŸŒ±πŸ’•
Some foods they hate:
Pumpkin seeds
Papaya seeds - make sure non gmo and organic.
Raw foods- lots of salad! Y'all know I always say, #saladssavelives 🌱
Olena - (turmeric)
Noni!!!!! They hate hate hate noni! Ferment it !! Sauerkraut- make your own, it's so easy and so much cheaper. πŸ™ŒπŸŒ±

Me and Sam 🌸

Number one question I get as a vegan, "aren't you concerned you're not getting enough protein?"
That protein propaganda was started by the meat industry to lie to the masses making them think animals are the only way to get sufficient protein in their bodies. #moneymotivatedlies #plantssavelives 🌱

Thanks for sharing @joyhawaii

You can do it!

Get your worms out🀣

The best things in life! #Jahsgreatblessings #purejoy

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