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Sierra Hazen  • INFP • Wife to a mechanical engineer •ED warrior 🍽

My home, my heart. #LifeWithTheHazens

•• I am more than a before / after transition. I know this, but this is what soon to be 4months of recovery looks like. I'm nowhere near where I want to be but I've come so far from where I've been. My attitude towards life is brighter, I don't sleep all day. I still engage in behavior but not as often, my thoughts still send me for a loop but im able to be more mindful of the situation and use my logical mind instead of my emotional. This is by far the hardest thing I've done, but it's been the most empowering. I'm a strong , brave woman. And nothing will take that away from me. I wouldn't be half the woman I am today without my loving team A / C / C / M and last but not least J. #edrecovery #edwarrior #recoveryisworthit

My best friend. My soulmate. My one and only. Yesterday I vowed to take care of you for the rest of my life , and yesterday you made me the happiest woman in the world. I love you more than all the stars in the galaxy JGH. Here's to chapter two. #mrshazen #afterlight

Fully aware that my wedding spam is outta control. Don't worry guys, it's almost over. #afterlight #HazenFamily

To be deleted. Super8 dream come to life.

I'm a day or so late, but spring is here. ✨ #afterlight

It's coming up. Just a few short weeks away. Flower crown and bouquet flowers purchased. Lots of long stemmed wilds , baby's breath, pearls for my hair. We'll take photos underneath the willow tree, inside his mothers barn. #afterlight

You're my everything. My absolute everything. You're my man forever. 30 days until I'm your Mrs.

It's finally happening. The moment every girl dreams of is finally happening. In little over a month, I'll be a mrs. It's still pretty surreal, the fact that I'll be marrying my best friend. It's going to be the most intimate of affairs. No one but immediate family. His and mine. Simple and short. It'll be done in the sweet hours of morning and by sky rise I'll be his forever. I'm counting down the days, the hours. May 12th couldn't be here soon enough. #afterlight

I ditched work to shoot a wedding. No regrets. #Mr&MrsLocke

I don't usually post these types of things, but lately all my minds been focused on is growing. Growing and strength and fighting for what I know to be true. This past month has been hurdle after hurdle but everyday that I wake up it gets a little easier. The stomach cramps have ceased, im not waking up as many times through the night, I have more energy. It's the little things that make a difference. That doesn't mean I don't have my down days, cause lord knows I do. But im still thankful for my loving team standing beside me. My family, my fiancé for all the support. Recovery is worth it. #edrecovery #afterlight

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