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Dearest Kjære  Timeless childrens styles made to last. Original designs created & handmade one at a time by a San Francisco Mama. Shop reopening FEB 23 @ 9am PST

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The cutest little bunny rabbit I ever did see! 🐰 🐣 🧺 [Flax/Blue Bunny Bonnet colorway]

I’m really excited for Easter, like I’m feeling like a little kid about it. My mom made all holidays so fun and special and it feels amazing to be the one now able to give that gift to my little person! I’ve been collecting little treasures for her Easter basket, and this week we started reading a book about the bunny and decorating eggs. Even last year when Lux was only a little over a year and a half we had an amazing time, and I know it’s going to be even better this year!

Sibling love ❤️ [Dearest Kjære Tee, Architectural Blouse & Pinafore Skirt]

I just announced the shop reopening date in my stories with a countdown! Tap the arrow there so save the date! It will be next week on Tuesday the 23rd at 9am PST / noon EST. I’ve decided to take this week “off” (I’ll probably still be designing and working on samples for the future cause that’s my favorite thing to do!) but i’ll also be getting a couple things ready for Easter, catching up on our mending pile (josh will be happy to hear this- whenever I finally get to these things, I give him his clothes back and it’s been so long he doesn’t even remember owning that item 😬), maybe doing something random for myself... ya never know! Anyway, hope to see you next week for the reopening! ❤️

I spy a Scandinavia Bonnet on a sweet sleeping babe cuddled up in her radiant mamas arms 😍
I’ll just leave this here to brighten up your weekend. I so enjoy following along with Allison as she shares the wonderful times along with the struggles in a such a beautiful and relatable way.

It’s Friday again! Remember when you were a kid and your parents would talk about how the weeks/months/years were flying by and you thought they were crazy because the weekend felt like a month, Christmas break felt like a whole summer, and summer break felt like years? Well, they were right... I keep blinking and wondering where time went! Just me?
Also, I finally got my hands on one of @happylabtoys incredibly beautiful dolls a couple months ago and I’m hoarding it until July for Lux’s 3rd birthday 🤣 In the meantime, I get to play with it and lay it out with her clothes and photograph it and enjoy it myself and I may or may not have planned it that way 😉. We’re becoming good friends. ❤️ [Ruffle Collar Top • Pinstripe Cotton Pocket Romper • Cross-Stitch Bonnet]

In case you were ever wondering if Lux likes getting messy, the answer is, it’s totally dependent on what it is. While she’s eating she hates it, or if she has a runny nose, also total panic. Mud, on the other hand, yes please! I shared this in my story the other day but I figured it deserves a place here too, to show that well made slow fashion clothes are up to the task of real toddlers at play! Everything I make, with the exception of the wool coat, is machine washable. I prefer to hand wash or spot clean bonnets, and with linen items like her skirt here, I smooth out the wrinkles when it comes out of the washer and lay it out to dry since I don’t want to iron it, but other than that everything goes in the dryer. It’s fairly simple to care for everything, but I also really enjoy the care process, since everything we have we genuinely love and it sparks joy each time we use it.

Hey you guys, I’ve been a little bit absent here, and i hate to say I might be a day behind getting some of the orders mailed out. I pride myself on sticking to my schedule and doing what I need to do to get my work done, but sometimes life just happens, and this is the reality of my tiny business: it’s just me over here doing every step. I’m dealing with a health thing (not contagious!- don’t worry, when I’ve been working there’s no danger to the garments!) and it’s made it hard for me to stay on track this past week. I’m feeling well this morning, and optimistic I’m not too far behind. Anything going out a day late will ship priority. Thank you all for your understanding. If anyone has questions of concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out! ❤️

H A P P Y S U N D A Y 🌞

Three and a half year old nap goals! 🙌🏼
How old were each of your kids when they stopped napping? Lux is still napping two and a half to three hours a day when she does so I know she needs the sleep, but lately she’s been just not falling asleep for nap once or twice a week and totally throwing me for a loop. Between that and the daylight savings that happened... like.. a month ago at this point? 🤣 we’re just way off kilter. Not to mention that I get my best (most efficient, not “better”) work done during the day when she’s sleeping, and every day now I just watch the monitor praying the nap is going to happen!

I’m having way too much fun sewing up bunny bonnets the last couple days! I can’t wait to see them on your sweet babies. That’s a really special part about Instagram, is that I often get to see my pieces out on their adventures, and it really makes my heart sing. So thank you so much for sharing!
Here Lux is wearing her bunny bonnet in Fawn/White, with the Bib-Front Pinafore Skirt (also in coordinating Fawn) layered with the Tunic Swing Dress. ❤️

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