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🌿Anna Mommy To Auggie🌿  Our story is still waiting to be written, but we will dream in flowers until we are surrounded by them forever. #lifestyleblogger #idreaminflowers

I've never been the girl who bragged about the price of my clothes unless I got something for a killer deal. I've always loved thrifting or saving up for special items and then re-selling, so I could refresh my closet. When I found @Poshmark it made it super easy to do that from my own home! I just added new items and it only took a few minutes! Tap the link in my bio to download Poshmark and shop all my new items for sale! Find me @dearauggie! #poshpartner

These two had official wrestling matches in the living room today. They were taking turns with who was the winner. That is the closest I’ll ever get to being a ring girl in this lifetime!

Show of hands who’s kids have way more shoes than you? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Once upon a time, I used to rock high heels but now I’ve become more concerned about comfort. It’s hard to find shoes for myself that are comfortable AND cute! I was introduced to @fiestafeet and I loved that they are made with leather so they stretch and mold to your feet! I’ve been wearing these nonstop since I got them and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I own.
Also, Fiesta Feet donates 10% of their profits to a girls foster home in Guadalajara, Mexico, called Casa Kamami. This home was founded to be a safe haven for young girls who have been sexually abused. With everything going on in the world, it’s nice to support small businesses who are out there truly making a difference! You can use code: DEARAUGGIE for free shipping on your order!

Yesterday was like a mini family vacation day for us! We stuffed ourselves full of good food and stayed up way too late to watch the fireworks! This was the first year August was super excited about seeing them so we indulged and he passed out instantly on the car ride home! How did you all spend your day yesterday?

I need more pics of these two dudes together! We celebrated 11 years of marriage this past month! He’s the best daddy and loves us and our crazy unconditionally. He’s learned to embrace the fact that I take my camera everywhere we go, and has even started to take some pretty bad ass pics himself! Photos of moments like this, with August asleep on his daddy’s shoulder, perfectly content in the world remind me just how damn lucky I am.

One of the coolest things about having a blog with your bestie is getting to create together and always having someone who’s with you in all the madness. I’m glad Tara shares my plant obsession, because how cute is this little plant family portrait? We’re slowly recreating each corner of our houses until we have endless photo opportunities! Check out the easy DIY up on our blog to make your own macrame plant backdrop!

Sometimes it’s fun to challenge yourself so that you are able to grow! I like to shoot at many different locations because it keeps things interesting but it’s also an adventure! @taramoon is always saying, “we only need 5 feet of pretty!” That’s totally true! This month we challenged ourselves to shoot at ugly locations and try to create art! Check out my stories to see where this image was taken! .
Instagram is an amazing place for discovering art and inspiration. We have teamed up with some wonderful photographers to do just that in our #inspiringphotog_loop. Follow the loop around to see all the amazing images in this month's theme: UGLY LOCATION
Next: @islamakesthree

When we first moved into our home I was inspired by the freshly painted white walls. It was my blank canvas to be as creative as I wanted with our space. Though I am a major fan of all things white and bright, the starkness in our dining room left a lot to be desired. So I opted for an entire spring/summer vibe overhaul of our small dining space! Check out my blog post for before and after pics! I’m still drooling over my @wallflorashop lemon paper!

#sponsored My mom always said: “Eat your carrots so you won’t have to wear glasses”...I think she mighta lied. But secretly it’s pretty fun picking out my new frames every year! This year, I picked my new glasses from @coastaldotcom! I was surprised by their selection! It’s the largest variety I’ve seen from an online glasses retailer and they were totally affordable! I’m so stoked I was able to get my ultra thin lenses (because Lord knows my eyes are baaaaad) in the frames I wanted, and it was all delivered to my door in a week! #seeclearly

We have done some exciting growing with our photography business recently and moving toward our goal of starting a flower farm! It’s been so fun photographing other families, though these cuties will always be my all time favorite subjects! One super exciting thing is that @taramoon is a finalist for the Best Emerging Children’s Photographer award from @napcp!! It’s now up to votes! Head over to either of their pages to vote today!

I’m so proud of this boy for so many reasons. We had some big life changes with the move, but he’s learned to get back into a routine, is sleeping in his own bed (at least most of the night) and survived over a month without his daddy. Life is made up of lots of tiny little miracles and I’m so thankful to see them though this little shining light.

This is me breathing out a big sigh of anxiousness, anticipation and excitement. These tees contain our heart and soul and represent the foundation of our tremendous dream of buying land and turning it into a sea of flowers. I believe magic can happen when you are persistent and intentional about your goals, and this T-shirt is a little piece of the magic we hope to create! These are now LIVE on our site! Come dream in flowers with us! Thank you so much for being such a vital part of our journey!

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