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nurrashidah.  i will always have a thing for heartfelt letters.

just like old times πŸ’•

happy 17th birthday waheeda! thank you cik N for the invitation πŸ’‹

surely to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return~

my paternal eldest aunt husband just passed on that blessed Friday night. everything went smoothly even through it was raining yesterday, praises to Him πŸ™
watching my 4 all grown up dear cousins losing their father truly reminds me how my siblings & I lost ours' 10 years ago. and nothing is permanent in this world ❀

52 years old today! happy birthday singapore! πŸŽ‰ #ndp2017 #onenationtogether

10 chosen photos in this post. thank you for the trip, freaks! 😜 and it's a wrap πŸ’•

final night in kl 😒

thank you akmal for the picture! it was really nice to drop by this first-ever starbucks signing store in kl that hires deaf baristas and we even gotta communicate with them all 😍

happy sat! going out to have a nice meal with the lucky birthday boy now 😝

lovely surprise in the morning today, hope @benong10 love this well-thought by me and @faithqiu. happy birthday zhi jie!! thank you ariq koay, i couldn't have done it without your (& these staff) help 😊

our face at 5am! @benong10 birthday trip, let's go πŸ™Œ

had the surprise of my life when yue e and fazil appeared right at ma doorstep, i least expected it today! ❀ thank you everyone (+@benong10 who left earlier) for coming, love chu guys!

thank you for visiting, we were really happy to have all last weekend, my paternal families.
a pic w the cousin! kak nor mother is our arwah father's eldest sister ☺

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