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Abby  A Creative. Autodidact The nerd at the cool table 💋♍️️ ✌🏾 Adult nap advocate #❤️💤 Chase & Paige's Mom 🦄 🤑 👇🏾 Check out my private event space @room460

I heard Clarence’s all look alike 🤔
Skin brought to you by Grand Anse beach, saltwater and a dash of nutmeg 🇬🇩 😝

What a month! Scrolling through pics like 😓
My now 5 y/o big boy taking in the pool. Good times
#ChaseEthan #JunewasOD #summer2018

This beauty ❤️ I love you my 1st niece, I can’t believe this chapter is almost closed!
Have a blast at prom!
@mi_amor_rosita @_tinysia_

35ish weeks preggo at my baby shower.
Can’t believe he’ll be 5 in 2 days! The time really does fly...
#momsbelike 😩

Happy 7th 🎂 Birthday 🎉 to my super smart, sweet, helpful nephew Sahmir. Thx for being besties with Chase and Paige and teaching them your extensive vocabulary lol
I love you to pieces ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Auntie’s Mir Bear
I can’t believe you’re 7!!
#happybirthday #happy7thbirthday

Hanging with the kiddies after their graduation #momlife

Thank You ❤️
My screen saver 😍

This was always my reality.
Two people in love moving through life as one. A powerful everyday lesson that growing up I never even was just normal...
They win together, they lose together, they come out of whatever it is, always together...❤️
33 years of togetherness.
God bless. Happy Anniversary. Love you guys.
Thanks for the lesson.


“do more of what makes you happy”
❤️ this #May 🌺message in my @shopbando #planner! Now to add all of my dope @ohsopaperco #stickers 😈😈

Paige: “Mommy I want a superstar birthday party and a flag with my name on it and a stage and cupcakes and all of my friends”
Me: ok
To my beautiful, assertive, fearless, fun Paige what an amazing journey it’s been watching you grow this far. From your splits and your dance routines and your made up songs about everything from poop to pizza lol thank you for allowing me to see the world from your eyes.
Happy 3rd Birthday my little 🌟

Success!!! My Paige’s Superstar Birthday party was a success! And I got to support some insanely talented co worker friends in the process ❤️
#Superstar #Birthday #Birthdayparty #Superstartheme

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