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Dean Wells  Dean - Married at first sight season 5 super villain

For anyone still interested in whats happening with Tracey and me, heres the lowdown. A lot of people are messaging me and asking me if we are getting back together. Well here is your answer. Good luck to @traceyjewel_ify #mafs #marriedatfirstsight

Got put in the headlock by this big guy tonight?!? That was a Wookie move!!! Epic movie though! @sez_wookiee #solo #soloastarwarsstory #starwars #childishgambino #chewbacca #wookie

Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mums out there!! We should cherish and spoil our mums while we have the chance! Miss you Col. xx❤️❤️ @danwells06 @winonafells

So you know Australia has one of the lowest organ and tissue donation rates in the world. We need to change this. Tell your next of kin your wishes. #soyouknow #mafs #marriedatfirstsight @telv11 @troydelmege @ryangallaghergram @sarahjaneroza @john_robertson_1962 @thisischarlenep @pattymiller_mafs @johnaikenlive @seandonners9 @seanythomsen @melissa_mafs @justin_mafs @ashleyairvin @bonditobali @nasser_mafs @matty_lockett @danwells06 @traceyjewel_ify @davvyxx #organdonation TELL YOUR NEXT OF KIN thanks to @micsimpson for filming this and taking the pics!! Your a legend!!

Tag 3 friends, shout out to 3 friends, somehow nominate at least 3 friends, download the poster from and get them to post a photo holding the sign. Then have the chat with your next of kin. Its no big deal!! Ticking yes on your license doesnt guarantee your organs will be donated. 🤔 maybe my liver should not be donated though 😬🍺 #soyouknow #organdonation #makeadifference #mafs #marriedatfirstsight thanks to @rejectinglaurenrowe for getting me involved thanks to @micsimpson for the great pics!!

Im still a fat beast but starting to feel fitter! May have to enlist the help of the experts (not you @johnaikenlive )to get me from fat beast mode to full beast mode! Exercising on a monday is tough but i feel so much better for it now. #fitspo #fatspo #single #dadbodsquad #lipo

Someone needs a nappy change @juno_the_frenchbulldog dont look so embarrassed! Its ok little lady. Haha #frenchbulldog

healthy brekky on the coldest morning so far this year

When @seandonners9 tries to do your rap at a nite club in geelong! @ryangallaghergram thanks for the little dig at the end too. @hustleflowbar @mcpsmurf #visionz #nailedit

At my friends tattoo shop in newcastle thinking about getting a tat. What should i get? @diaboliktattoo ?? @angie_tattoo #tattoo #tattoos

Heres how I looked at my first wedding! Haha. Im thinking of going back to this hairstyle 🤔 @winonafells @danoz13 maybe it will be 3rd time lucky?!? 😆 oh and @mamamiaaus ofcourse tracey knew about this one. Are you guys that naive??

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