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Dean Raphael  Forever traveling 🌴 Currently β€’ Melbourne, Au

Whatever you want, whenever you want to go, there's always a way πŸŒ₯

Your happiness and satisfaction are in the things you create 🌴

When I look up at the stars at night and think about how little I am compared to the universe around me I get this kick of energy that makes me feel like I can do whatever I want, have as much fun and be daring with my life. It gives me the perspective of the importance to live and not be held back by the general monotonies of having to work and maintain social norms. Well I guess there's a balance that enables me to do both but more and more I feel I can create my life the way I want just by staring into the nights sky. Sounds crazy.

If only we knew what they know 🌴
Bringing back film into my life, oh it's so so sweet and rich and full of soul. I took a break from the traditional format two years ago when I went full time into my business, it was an expenditure I just couldn't justify while I fumbled around trying to get my feet on the ground. Now, feeling a little more confident I want to explore once again the slower more methodical magic of shooting on film 🌞

Somewhere along the road our focus became about the things we don't have rather than what we do. That focus detracts from our happiness, it makes us feel like we never have enough. But we do, we have enough just by being here. When you get all the things you want you want more, it's never enough and it'll never stop until you stop and appreciate all of the beautiful things you have, one thing being love. Love and happiness are free but they come at a cost of wanting less and appreciating more.
This photo was taken on my way home from a wedding. I was driving in the open country and saw a giant orange dome over the horizon. It stopped me dead in my tracks. At first I had no idea but then I realized I was being blessed with a midnight rising of the moon. Grateful to have my gear with me, I just wish I could have captured it as eloquently as the scene was - but still I'm happy 🌜

Natures own way of purification. A waterfall isn't just a pretty flow of liquid, it leaves you feeling energized and recharged. There's actually a science to it, my friend John could tell you all about it but I forget the details.

Break something old to build something new

A people so rich in culture you can feel it everywhere you go. Being able to go here feels like entering a vortex where no real time exists.

Crazy story, I have been following @lukegram's epic journey through India. India has a population of about 1.2 billion people and we both managed to find this beautiful woman to photograph.

There is no end in sight, our experience just changes from one thing to another - a constant ocean of moving energy.

I've got a good feeling about this place 🌴🌞
Thanks to Michka for stepping in. I got up early to avoid crowds at this waterfall but then realised I prefer people in my photos πŸ˜…

Tune into what makes you feel alive, do things that make you proud to be a human being, make your goal pure happiness and forgive yourself over and over for all that you hold yourself back on.

Just a cute reminder that every bit of plastic ever produced is still on this planet in some form 🌴
Also, you don't have to feel guilty about consuming - just make cleaner choices when you can ✨

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