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deannaokuno  "You have to be the odd one to be #1" 🤓

Love Triangle: I want him & he wants Rita's💗🔺

thankful 4 u❣

Happy birthday to this recent graduate and also one of my best friends💖 Thanks for being everything I needed and more to make it through this college thing with some sanity & lot of laughs . Literally wouldn't have grown half as much as I have without you so thanks for that💜 #portiaandportia2k15 #turndownforSLEEP

She hates Li hing (on shave ice) which is fine bc that just means more for me😋🍧

cairn |kern| n: a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline

Traveled to New Zealand to have Christmas come 21 hours sooner⛰🎅🏽🎄🍦
Merry Christmas from our mountains to yours!

I did a thing😛

Side of the road or the destination, it's all breathtakingly beautiful🌱🌾🏔

Kayaked to Cathedral Cove and saw New Zealand's most photographed rock🙊🚣🏻 **it's the big one on the left**

Even my iPhone 5 quality can't mess with New Zealand's natural beauty🌏 #nofilterneeded


As some of you may know, Beer-ritas at Fuzzy's are no longer with us. Let's take a moment to appreciate the joy and warmth they brought us in their time with us every day, especially Taco Tuesday's. Thank you for the ambiance, Asian glow, and the best veggie tacos I've ever had and will ever order. Here's to my first and last, never forget❤️🍹🌮
PC: @chrisnon24 👫