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Marmalade  R.I.P. Kim joo-hyuk, Kim Jong-hyun, Choi Seo-In 2017.10.30, 2017.12.18, 2017.12.18 2014.04.16

Energy is one of the things that conducts all types of life. Human energy is a factor that us as humans need to regulate due to humans sadly having emotions. When good energy is given off negativity cannot get into that bubble because that good energy overcomes and overrides the negativity. Yet positive energy is hard to come by and there are alot of things to be negative about but there are ways to get to that good space that many yearn for. Train your brain to look at the postive aspects in all situations. You can also find something that makes you smile. Music is the thing that saves my brain. Though this is important we're gonna die anyway and I feel that's a thing to feel really pessimistic about. So do what you want.

People have so many misconceptions of the world and I find that very interestingly valuable. Misconceptions is a word that can connect to the word ignorance, a quote: ignorance is bliss. Not knowing correlates with having no worries Hakuna Matata. Happiness. Knowing more will make you think more. Don't be like me. Don't think too much.

At this point in time I feel like everyone in the world is emotionally and mentally lost. Lost in social standards, trends and in a way that all of these fake 'woke' people tell you your mental has to be. I see posts about being black, religion, feminism and an entire range of things and it gets to be too much. Everywhere you turn you see the same things. It's brainwashing and alot of it is unintellegent. Alot of the people I follow on instagram and in life are the same. It's the same in music, on television and on the streets. Be your own person and have your own opinions and don't let anyone tell you that your opinion is not ok to have no matter how ignorant it is. We're becoming robots and slaves mentally and physically to societys standards. 'I can't be human if I'm not on the wave' open your mind and end that corny shit. End judging people based on preconceived notions because that also enslaves your mind. Do your own research and form your own thoughts. We're about to die so hurry up.

Many men without a soul

Just finished the entire album and my dude how can you deny his talent and his mind. You can't. Stop spreading negativity over preconceived notions about people because the people that do that suck. Listen to this niggas music and figure out who he is I promise you that he will not disappoint.

Making me love music more @xxxtentacion

Life aint shit

Drowning in a helpless feeling with a smile is the way out. At least I think so. I told them I was living like it was my last day living. Death aint shit.

Your death date keeps sticking in my head right now. Nigga let me sleep please. 12.18

There are so many conversations that people seem to ignore. I wanna talk about this shit. I wanna talk about alot of shit.

I've been feeling shitty recently so if I don't get back to you it's not you it's me

Tell me that I'm out of the ordinary. Tell me I'm pretty. Tell me what i want to hear so i can use you to live.

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