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misses your the way.

I am so happy rn. Bitchfgyffjy

Suicide is so fucking selfish and it angers me to see people who decide to do this. The account these comments are from is Stevie Ryan's.
What she didn't understand (relate this to others who also committed suicide) when she decided to hang herself she sent others into the place she was which is practically encouraging people to do what she did. She is selfish. I hate it.
My family member recently killed himself. Shot himself in the head at a park I believe. When I heard he did this... I didn't cry I simply felt anger towards him because I felt as if he took the easy way out. He could have held on but he didn't. Right around that time my Grandmother died of natural causes. NATURAL CAUSES. NOT FUCKING SUICIDE. I can cry for her but not him because he encouraged weakness.



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