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Dean Denney  Anonymous Tattoo, Savannah GA / Spiderweb Tattoo, Asheville NC

Coverup for Nate.

Loon for my pal Emily. Good luck in Little Rock!

Cross River Gorilla for Will.

Reaper squeeze-up.

Crystal ball with healed gypsy. Thanks Briana!

Ethical rabbit’s foot.

Atlantic Shrimp for our Ocean Pimp @shrimppapi

Thanks Paige.

Happy Mother’s Day @wendypd! Every day I feel incredibly fortunate that I’m able to take part in this journey with you. We love you and the brilliant light you shine onto our lives; I couldn’t imagine a better person to raise a little weirdo with.

R.I.P. Chubbs Peterson. You were a true trail blazer who was taken far too soon. Thanks for the idea Jenny!

Paul gave me free reign with this one so long as it was Western in theme. I have buckets of ideas for tattoos based on American folklore, both big and small. Thanks for your devotion, Paul!

Thank you @ricky_anonymoustattoo for taking a chance by hiring me seven years ago. Thank you @claymccay for sharing your incredible depth of knowledge on all things tattoo related and beyond during those years. Thank you @misterbeaudry for being an amazing shop manager turned blossoming tattooer, and thank you @dragonbearcat for filling his shoes as shop manager so perfectly. Most importantly, thank you @zackspurlock for plucking me from the basement of tattooing and convincing Ricky to give me a shot at Anonymous. You said you saw something in me and to this day I’m not sure what that may have been, but I’ll always owe you for believing in me. You’ve been an unforgettable friend, coworker and mentor all at once. Because of you I was able to grow by huge leaps and bounds, and I love you all. Joining @anonymoustattoo as a young tattooer was like jumping on a speeding train from a pair of crutches. It’s really something when you get to tattoo with some of your favorite artists, and it is my intention to continue that tradition by moving back home to North Carolina to tattoo alongside @gloyne83 @kris_roberts and @spiderwebjerm at @spiderwebtattoo in Asheville. There are no exact dates for moving yet, but it will happen sometime over the summer. I’ll be returning to Savannah fairly regularly for both ongoing and new work, so feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you to @wendypd for always having the guts to push things to the next level; you’re a true badass. Finally, thank you to all of my customers over the years; it’s been a pleasure and I look forward to working with many of y’all in the future. See you in Asheville.

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