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🦁 Rhodesian Ridgeback 🦁  Dea with Hannibal & Nubia 🇩🇰 Just an ordinary girl with two extraordinary dogs by her side! #projectrr #rhodesianridgeback

Can’t believe I have two of them now - what was I thinking?! Just kidding, they’re both AWESOME ❤️❤️ #ridgebackpack

I get a lot of questions about her name so I thought it was time to formally introduce the #velvetshark 🐊 Everyone, meet Juani Bayani Etosha (fancy name) - Nubia (everyday name) ❤️ #ridgebackpuppy

PLEASE LOVE ME!! Alas of yet, Bartok does not. Yet.

She’s sooooo cute 😍 #mylittlepuppy #velvetshark

Catching a scent 💨👃🏻 Swipe 👉🏻 to see the #puppy literally catching said scent 😂❤️

Hi, my name is “what did you steal now”, “will you stop harassing Hannibal/Bartok/Gustav/Terkel”, “no biting”, “that’s enough horse/sheep/bird/deer poop for today”, “the couch is not for dogs/zoomies/digging/chewing”, “noooooo, don’t pee on Hannibal/Bartok/Gustav/Terkel’s bed”, “the cat is not a toy” and occasionally “where did she run off to now” but I rarely hear that since I’m too far away already #sashay #velvetshark #puppylife #radpuppy

We got a little cold at puppy training class this evening so I made her a sweater out of a blanket and a collar #socrafty 😎😂 She was a good girl too! Right up until she went to bed 😴😂❤️ #ridgebackpuppy #puppytraining #whosagoodgirl

Someone is in a good mood! Makes me so happy 😍😍

My everything 😍😍

Hannibal has finally understood that he’s gotta tone it down a bit if he wants to play with the little one 😂❤️ His usual tactics have left the #puppy running for cover but looks like we have found a balance 😍 Sound is off because of so much wind noise 🙉 #ridgebackpuppy #ridgebackpack #ridgebackplay

Puppies are cute and all but nothing beats the deep and profound relation to a distinguished greymuzzle #truelove #eternallove #mydog #mycompanion #therewillneverbeanotheryou #mybestfriend

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