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The Dead Rabbit NYC  Bringing the Irish Pub into the 21st century.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Tastes even better.
It’s fresh Atlantic salmon, pan-seared then oven-roasted and served on creamy pureed potatoes, with a savoury leek broth and roasted baby carrots. Then Chef Joe adds a little haystack of fried leeks on top, and garnishes the lot with a perky sprig of cress.
Today’s Taproom special is really special. And it’s available all day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks. And look what we got for you – and you and you and you and... In fact, we’ve a thousand advance copies of From Barley to Blarney that will only be available to buy here in the bar and via our web store (US sales only). After they’re gone, you’ll have to wait until the book goes on general release on 16th of April. (It’ll be May for Ireland and the UK.) So share the love. Order your copy today. Link in bio. Photo by

Yesterday @jillianvose was speaking at the tenth anniversary of the @50bestbars at @guastavinosnyc here in NYC. The only woman on the panel of six previous winners (the others were Alex Kratena, Jonathan Downey, Ryan Chetiyawardana, Declan McGurk and Jim Meehan), Jillian’s subject to the crowd of around 300 was, somewhat ironically, ‘culture, balance and inclusivity’. You can catch her speech yourself on the @50bestbars Facebook page now. Link in bio.

Today is our anniversary – our sixth, believe it or not. It’s also the 188th birthday of John Morrissey, the fighting Irish spirit of the Rabbit himself.
But today we’re also looking ahead. Specifically at what comes next after our comic book menu series... Darkland launches a month today, on 12th March.
It’s a brand new menu. And a whole other world.

Ever wonder what the training at The Dead Rabbit is like? Here’s a little glimpse of a video we’ve made for prospective new staff members.
It discusses the online learning portal we’ve developed. And it’s crazy tough: over 50 modules on spirits, cocktails, beer and wine, as well as principles of hospitality, bar technique and more.
At this point, some people say, No thanks. And that’s fine. Because those that are left are the ones who look at the program and say, Bring it on.

While we’re waiting for our Rabbit action figures to arrive, we made this little promotional video – you know, to give you an idea of the personality we were trying to capture. What on earth were we thinking?
Still, he does have his good points. But you’ll appreciate these more if you manage to stay out of range.
And before you ask, no, the action figure doesn’t talk. If yours starts to, maybe you didn’t stay out of range after all…

Great news – @sweeet.melissa has made it through to the final four in the US finals of the @bacardi.legacy competition in Puerto Rico!
Yesterday she prepared her incredible @vespertilio.cocktail (Bacardi Carta Blanca, Fino Sherry, Elderflower Liqueur, Pink Peppercorn Syrup, and Orange Bitters) for the judges and gave a presentation where also she discussed her own lifelong interest in bats and bat conservation. (A legacy of a childhood dream of becoming a vet.) All of which makes Vespertilio – also known as the Evening Bat – a perfect fit for Bacardi, with its famous bat logo.
This evening the last four will be reduced to two – one from each coast – who will go to the global finals in May. Help us cheer Mel on tonight live from 9pm EST. Link in bio. Photo by @delgiudicephoto.

Deano was a scruffy guy – and secretly proud of it. He thought it made him look interesting. It didn’t. Then one day an attractive young woman approached him in the street. ‘Here we go,’ Deano grinned to himself. ‘Excuse me,’ she said, ‘I really like your look. Would you be interested in some modelling work?” ‘What kind of shoot is it?’ ‘A makeover. You’d be Before.’ And, according to the now-dapper gent at the end of the bar, that was it.
Wake Up Call from our current menu: Blanco Tequila, Sotol, Dry Vermouth, Green Apple, Yuzu, Lime, Dill.
It’ll smarten you right up.

These are the cool new postcards we’re just about to introduce here in the bar. We’ll also be giving them away free to customers on request. What’s more, we’ll mail them for you anywhere in the world – also completely free.
So, who will you send yours to – and what will you say?
Really? Goodness, how rude. And funny

Here’s @rebekkahdooley, our Marketing and PR manager, with at an advance copy of From Barley to Blarney, A Whiskey Lover’s Guide to Ireland. She’s not thinking of the two research trips to Ireland she organized in 2017. She’s not remembering the visits to 29 distilleries and 87 pubs; the 94 interviews and 120 hours of audio, the 4000–odd miles of driving. She’s not thinking about the arguments, the swearing, the never-agains. She’s not even remembering all the laughter. What she’s thinking is: Yes, it was worth it. A thousand times Yes.
The book is available to pre-order online now ahead of its official launch in April, but we’ll have a number for sale in the bar from 14th February. You can preorder copies online now, link in bio.

Time for another blast of Irish culture... Today in Ireland it’s the feast of Saint Brigid, one of our three patron saints (the others being Patrick, of course; and Columba.) February 1st is also Imbolg or Imbolc, an ancient pagan festival that heralded the arrival of Spring. Imbolg was associated with a powerful goddess called Breed – or, yes, Brigid. Clearly, somewhere along the line, the two traditions simply merged.
There were many miracles attributed to Brigid. Everyone’s favourite is that she was said to be able to turn water into beer. Which is possibly why she’s one of our patron saints...

“Now, as ears go, Batman, yours aren’t bad. But just feast your eyes on these beauties...” Looks like the caped crusader Batman may have met his match.
We’ve just received the prototype for our Dead Rabbit action figure, and it’s fantastic. The next step is moulding, then the vinyl version, which will have moveable joints fitted. Each of those steps takes about a month. Add in another for bespoke packaging and we’re looking at delivery around late May.
So, should Batman step aside – or team up with Big Ears?
Let us know what you think.

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