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Nathan 'Lord Ravendark' Sollom  Norwegian Viking Goth. Cave dweller. 🕷 Married to vampire queen @kirracruz Manager @zionsgaterecords - Buy records from me! ⬇️


happy 25th birthday to this clusterfuck. i have a serious love/hate relationship with this one. it has some of the best visuals i’ve ever seen in a movie, mixed with some of the worst acting and most cringe inducing scenes. it’s beautiful and timeless, but also feels so 90’s because of the casting decisions. i like every single actor individually, but all together... eh. anyways, here it is on a triple laser disc full of lots of extra bologna. #bramstokersdracula #dracula #laserdisc #garyoldman #winonaryder #keanureeves #tomwaits #caryelwes #anthonyhopkins #francisfordcoppola

happy 35th birthday to creepshow. I randomly saw the Leslie Nielsen water zombie segment on TV when I was like six. It traumatized me. For years, I wondered what I had seen. I discovered in my teens that it was part of an anthology of shorts, called Creepshow and that it was actually meant to be a bit of fun as well as spooky. It is now one of my favorites of all time and I will remember that feeling I had as a kid forever. it was definitely the first true moment of fear I ever felt from a movie. That sticks with you! Watch this one if you haven’t already. #creepshow #georgeromero #stephenking #VHS

i can breathe and the air is warm

she is the queen of my universe.

my head hurts if i don't do this kind of stuff.

it's my birthday today and i expect a kind word from everyone.

my girl gettin swallowed by a damn ice cave.

another perfect day with @kirracruz. shoutout to tripod for making this photo possible.

lord ravendark has developed a crippling social anxiety so he prefers dark and quiet spaces.

get that big dumb blonde man outta there, he's ruining the spooks.

my ghastly ghoul aged another year today. we at a screening of nosferatu scored live by the seattle symphony!

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