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Just posted a edit with this on @httpstarks because I started Wynonna Earp the other day and I love Waverly and Wynonna :’) -Emma #deadaudioloop #deadaudiochill

you can ignore the loop if you want to make your edit longer :)) also pls check out this edit on my main if you want!
- brenda @luthor.edits

hey kids sorry i’ve been super inactive 😜🤙🏻
give credit! -kait (@thewalking_deadits)
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full edit with this is my recent on @httpstarks! -Emma #deadaudiochill #deadaudiosad [this came out a bit too dark oh well I’m sure we’ll live]

My Way ;)
- Angie [ @taliscents ]
#editingaudios #deadaudioplottwist #deadaudioloop
Completed edit on my page

[full title is new person, same old mistakes but it wouldn’t fit]
When I was making this I envisioned it being used for a sort of plot twist for a character who’s changed a lot, example being Bucky in the background. Especially for a character who used to be a softie but because of whatever reasons they’re now a solid badass eg Arya Stark, Clarke Griffin. Obviously use it as you please, that’s just my idea while making it!! -Emma (@httpstarks) #deadaudiosad

It sounds much smoother once you put in the voiceover <3
- Angie [ @taliscents ]
#deadaudioplottwist #deadaudiobadass #editingaudios

I love him
- Angie [ @taliscents ]
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Completed edit on my page

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