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[this sounds better with headphones]
Do you guys have any plans for Halloween?
-Emma | @httpstarks

Stumbled across this on soundcloud and thought it might work nicely for a sort of spooky edit ya know? -Emma (@httpstarks) #deadaudiocreepy

god billies vocals here give me chills
ps i just used this on @blasphemize ☺️ -kait (@thewalking_deadits)

I love this song so much issa soft bop -Emma (@httpstarks) #deadaudiohappy
ps I stitched different parts together so it’d be better for an edit!

just used this on my recent :) please go check it out if you’d like bc i just posted for the first time in a while!! @luthor.edits
#deadaudiohappy #deadaudioloop

Since it’s almost time for loads of shows to come back, which show(s) are you most excited for that’s returning this Autumn? I’m personally hyped for The Gifted and Legends of Tomorrow! -Emma (@httpstarks) #deadaudiohappy #deadaudiosad

Tried something new with the intro! Used an old film sound effect thing and then a cassette tape sound effect so you can create the effect like someone has just pressed play and started up the edit, if that makes any sense. Alternatively, you could just cut that intro part out, your choice! -Emma (@httpstarks) #deadaudiochill #deadaudiosad

Hi it’s been a while but ya girl is back🤧😎😎🤙🏻 -Emma (@httpstarks) #deadaudiosad #deadaudiohappy #deadaudioloop

here’s a simple & soft audio i used on my main recently :) its also inspired by hxdaedits
- @luthor.edits #deadaudioship #deadaudiohappy

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