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DeJanee' White  MW Strongwoman competitor. Legionnaire 1stphorm. Barbells and Badges Athlete. Sponsor Athlete for Hydra Athletics.

Favorite filter, beautiful smile! Happy hump day! 😍

But this is so true! I be craving all kinds of food. Lol

Next to dead lifts this is one of my favorite events! I had so much fun pulling this beauty behind me! Can't wait to start training for nationals. First super big competition I'll compete in! ❀

This has been one hell of a training season trying to get ready for this show. I had to take a number of days off because of the accident last month. I completely lost all motivation and went into a depressed staged for a bit. I was NOT going to compete at all. My nerves were through the roof yesterday!
However, I took 1st in the log press. I stopped at my second attempt; 150, because no one in my weight class went up to 150. I took 1st in yoke by the grace of God. Dead lift, which is my absolute favorite event I took second pulling 445. I was going to go for my max 500, buy they jumped up to 515 and I got in my head. I took first for truck pull and stones putting me FIRST overall!
I qualified for nationals in Vegas!! Y'all don't know how excited I am. This will be my biggest show ever getting to compete in!

This was 445. My goal was to go up to 500, which is my max, but they put 515 on the bar and I got in my head and couldn't pull it. So I took second in this event. πŸ˜”

2nd event. 420 yoke. This was pure hell. After the accident it hurts to sit on my back, so it was extremely uncomfortable and hard; however, I finished and took first for this event as well. Two more events to go. @b_dimez

1st event log press. Stopped at 150lbs. @b_dimez

Before weigh ins. 😁

My legs look great! 😁

Let's do this together. Pray together, grow together. Build our own businesses. Something we made together. Something we'll be able to pass down to our children. This is my real life goal. ❀ #powercouple #marriedgoals #godfirst #buildinganempire

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