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Danny Ward  Writer. Director. City Walker.

I’ve been lucky to know some amazing fathers in my life - uncles, cousins, friends, teachers - and even more so to have this guy as mine. He’s always supported us, always pushed us, always been there for us. And he just keeps getting cooler. Right now, he’s playing a live show at McShanes in Detroit. And his new EP will be out soon. Happy Father’s Day @psychomike7. #happyfathersday

#fbf to one year ago today, the big-screen world premiere of ‘Fairytales for the Fatherless: a visual album’ in its full Atmos mix at Dolby 88. One of the absolute best nights of my life. Huge thanks to @darinhallinan for the space, to @nahmiasetfils for providing amazing drinks and fun, @fionabologna for being such an amazing moderator for the evening, and to all who came. Watch chapters 1 and 2 now at www.fairytalesforthefatherless.com (link in bio). #thisfilmmakinglife #fairytalesforthefatherless #visualalbum #worldpremiere #indiefilm #indiemusic #firstfeaturefilm #thankful #dolbyatmos #sonya7s2 #bogartcollective #grassroots #nobudgetfilmmaking #folkmusic @fffsounds @dannymusengo @tamlinmusic @msnatalieclark @michaelcuomo @luketedaldi @paulcnyc23 @nilesgunning @jessicavanniel @capitano.spartalis @jeffjacobsmusic @sophie__gloeckler @alniisa @paulcnyc23 @kiki323 @brgretle @jessinapes @aitatrattoria @walkeradamsmusic @riabird @bartonstanleydavid @chelbomb @apetownes @atashny @linde_matthews @darinhallinan @littlepioneerciderhouse @kylepaas @bserranoclark @nattivogel @sonyalpha @dolbytheatre @jeannelaurensmith @refinery29

We shot this chapter in four amazing locations - @turtlecovegolf in the Bronx, @mayflowersocialbk, Cooper Park and the apartment where all of this started - Bogart. It also features one of many huge favors we got so lucky with during the shoot - DreamBoat - the gorgeous blue Dodge Ram provided by the wonderful @capitano.spartalis and @ankeen.rose.wellness. Thank you to all the locations, to Will and Ankeen, to @jessicavanniel @jeannelaurensmith @nilesgunning and @dannymusengo for the raw and rich performances that all helped make “The Princess and The Drunk” live up to the song behind it. www.fairytalesforthefatherless.com/theprincessandthedrunk (link in bio)

#thisfilmmakinglife #fairytalesforthefatherless #visualalbum #indiefilm #indiemusic #chapter2 #dreamboat #dodgeram #firstfeaturefilm #thankful #dolbyatmos #sonya7s2 #bogartcollective #grassroots #nobudgetfilmmaking #folkmusic @fffsounds @dannymusengo @tamlinmusic @msnatalieclark @michaelcuomo @luketedaldi @paulcnyc23 @nilesgunning @jessicavanniel @capitano.spartalis @jeffjacobsmusic @sophie__gloeckler @alniisa @paulcnyc23 @kiki323 @brgretle @jessinapes @aitatrattoria @walkeradamsmusic @riabird @bartonstanleydavid @chelbomb @apetownes @atashny @linde_matthews @darinhallinan @littlepioneerciderhouse @kylepaas @bserranoclark @nattivogel @sonyalpha @dolbytheatre @jeannelaurensmith

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