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Dave Petrie  Looking to capture the Creator's creations at every opportunity, bringing glory to Him Who Created everything!


What you actually bring with you when grabbing your iPod Nano while running out the door in a hurry to go on vacation...Sigh! 😝

3x my usual day in steps! Yay me... Too bad it also hurts so bad and write me out! 😲💀

Oh snap! What an awesome Wi-Fi connection we have... Can't wait to play... Well...Texting, maybe?

I know it's not Father's Day, but this fell out of a book when I was pulling out another... Just when *I* need to see it again! #throughbackthursday

Just wanted those listening LIVE on the radio to see what they're listing to! (When they get home and look up on social media 👍)

The Denham Sister's at The Garden Fellowship=Awesome Worship to the Creator, our Lord!

Good Worship
Good Grub
Great God
So blest to have a pastor who is passionate about the hearts of the men who fellowshipped here tonight; and a bunch of men cooking and serving their hearts out for others! #thegardenfellowship

My view of the Garden while serving from the back of the room.

My two little healing helpers. Bo on the left and Ty on the right. They like to curl up on the easy chair with me and somehow they magically put me right to sleep. No matter what my pain level is!

Now that I'm rockin' the appropriate garb, I'm ready to go to EMC / DOC and get this back surgery taking care of!

Just trying to figure out if this old man is supporting this job the right way?

Healthy lunch or not?

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