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  Let's have a conversation about things you wouldn't talk about at the dinner table. WE DOUBLE DARE YOU. Fr1da Ch0la Issue 1: Cultural Appropriation

We hope that fashion can be a common ground to relate to each other and a vehicle explore our differences. Can cultural appropriation turn into cultural appreciation?

Why do people bully each other online on the basis of cultural appropriation? What is a more effective way of educating someone who has offended you instead of bullying?

Most online bullying is done over platforms that don't necessarily express our true identity (ie. Instagram has no section to identify your race). If someone is bi-racial how can you tell they that are committing an act of cultural appropriation?

Have you ever been judged or bullied for cultural appropriation?

Have you ever been scared to try a trend because it may be considered cultural appropriation? If so, what was it?

Have you ever been offended by cultural appropriation? If so, how did you react?

Have you ever related to another culture more than your own?

Is it okay for a designer to design clothes for a culture outside there own?

Have you ever been inspired by a style outside your culture? Were you able to express that? How did you express it?

Define Cultural Appropriation

I don't wear a Bindhi because I saw it in a magazine one day and thought it was cool. I don't wear it because I'm Hindu or from India. I wear it because I recognize the power of symbolism. I wear it because I understand that the representation of the third eye is of value to me and my intentions on a daily basis. I would never want anyone to think I was taking a culture that wasn't mine. If anything I stand with those that have been oppressed for wearing such a thing. This doesn't mean I'm subconsciously against you. It means I'm outwardly with you.
No. It's not my job to judge you and speak ill for dressing like that. For braiding your hair. For sticking that bindi between your eyes. And it's not necessarily your job to cater your style to my approval. But it sure would be nice if you respected our sacredness and culture rather than spending it At the fashion bank and discarding it when it's out of season.
Consciousness. Sensitivity. Respect.
By @ek_inspirations

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Fr1da Ch0la Issue 1: Cultural Appropriation
By @mstr_of_disguise & @rhirhicooper
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