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Alex Rodrigo II 

False alarm. Went to urgent care yesterday. They told me i had blood in my urine. Probably kidney stones. So they told me to go to the ER for CT. Long story short. Everything comes back negative and no more blood in my urine. Possible that I passed the stone already. Who knows. Can’t wait for that bill.

Halloween at Disney

Steelers better get it done tomorrow night. @socialqueendarlene

Thanks to @ryanmanno mom for making this for me. My dad loves this saying. When we are stressing out as a family. He would say this over and over. I for sure have been telling myself the last month. Now I get a morning reminder with my coffee. @ryanmanno thanks again. Love it man.

wishing my dad happy 60th birthday today. Wish you were here to hug and celebrate together. I’m still in habit wanting to text you what you need me to bring for the weekly bbq. It feels like you are still here. I know you are in spirit. But I want you physically here. Again I know your wish would be for me is to be happy. And of course the Steelers better win on your birthday. You had a great run. Love you kid.

Hung up this bad boy. Like dad would. First Steelers game without dad. He made the Rodrigo’s die hard Steelers fans. We bleed black and gold. He Converted my wife, and help indoctrinated my kids. This game is bitter sweet. We will have his shot glass here as he watches with us. As my dad use to yell, “all the way in one play!!” #steelers #pittsburghsteelers #blackandgold #steelerscountry @drew4you_ @socialqueendarlene @rozzz86

This has been the longest week of my life. Forgive me for not responding back to all the thoughtful texts and voicemails. I did not have the strength to reply. One of my anchors is missing and I was swaying out of control. As the dust settles we must prepare to celebrate my fathers life. The person I would go to for advice isn’t here. But I know if he was here he would tell me using one of his many Alex-ism’s, “Don’t worry! Be happy!” He made sure to say that when we were upset. As I write this I hear his voice saying those words. So yes, I’m upset and sad. But I will be happy. That’s what he would want. So please join us and celebrate his life next week. I’m sure the church will be packed. You know how my dad loved to entertain. Come and share his memories with us. Love you Dad. Gone too soon. Never forgotten.

This can be a problem.

The kids have picture day. Running behind getting them ready. Bella only slept 3 hours last night. So I gave her cookies for breakfast. Need for her to be happy and smile. Seemed to work. “And the best dad award goes to me!!!” #pictureday #ranchhills

Fought us tooth and nail. But we got it done. She looks amazing

This year has been a rough one on my personal health. Elevated blood pressure, fibromyalgia and now a broken elbow and partial tricep tear. Trying to catch a break.

Loved coming here as a kid. @lilbearosaurus reminds me of me as a kid hanging out here. #leocarrillostatebeach #beach #malibu #summer2018

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