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Dmitri Siegel  Ojai. Sonos. Megabooks. Ping pong.

My spot for Service Objects. Really good Service Objects up on 5.

Hanging around with @rosecransbaldwin and Rachel

Hey #internet — what do you do when your son’s name becomes a maker-culture cliche? How do you explain to your ten-year-old that you’ve got to change his name because it has come to signify some sort down-home bourgeois back-to-the-land ideal? And how do you explain that you just loved the name at the time but maybe you were subconsciously channeling the same cultural vapors back then as all the craft-brewers and boutique hoteliers are now? I mean...it’s hard enough just to explain what hard cider is.

My town.

That actually means we’re the same but whatever.

One of the best concept dealers in town. High quality advanced concepts at a fair price.

Why is there a monument honoring the advent of offshore drilling? Why were the “Petroleum Production Pioneers, Inc.” allowed to put this up on County land? At least it’s at dog piss level.

It was a pleasure speaking to @jarrettfuller about design, criticism and branding on his podcast Scratching the Surface. Check it out. Link in bio.

The #integratron is an incredible sonic experience. So glad that for years @sonos has been able to help make this listening experience as transcendent as possible. #listenbetter Thanks to @beeebeck @tmeyeratplay

The bard of Joshua Tree.

Coming back from a much needed unplug in the desert. Who won the Superbowl?

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