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Diamond Dave  2017 Viper TA 2.0 2008 Viper ACR 2003 Corvette Z06 2007 Lexus GS 350 And a crapload of Kobes. Snapchat: ddave24

Cars and Cannoli yesterday - a 911, 928 S4, Ford GT, and of course some Vipers. I couldn't decide which 911 pic I liked best, so I threw them both in. I also took pics of some Acura NSXs and a McLaren, but I only did those on Snapchat and forgot to save them. This is why I should stick to Viper pics.

I really liked the way the colors came out on this shot. Kobe X Mambacolor iDs.

Mail delivery! 1971 Matchbox Superfast Dodge Dragster.
When I was a little kid, I had a collection of toy cars, like many of you did. Being an only child of a single parent who was usually at work, I had to figure out how to entertain myself. So, I used to race my toy cars against each other on our driveway. Without question, the fastest car was always this little pink Matchbox that I had. It would beat everything else I had, and then it would beat any new ones I got, and then it would beat anything my friends had. So, I carried it around wherever I went, in case I needed to race someone. Then I would lose them, so I would have to get another. I probably went through 4 or 5 of these pink cars, and each one was always faster than everything else. When we moved away when I was 12, I was told to leave my toys until the next trip. But there never was a next trip, and I never got any of my toy cars back. Over the years, I’ve told people about this pink car, but even after Al Gore invented the Internet, I couldn’t find it. Recently my wife & I were talking about our favorite toy cars as kids (hers was a Porsche 928), so I Googled the pink Matchboxes. And there it was!! Snake stickers and all. There’s plenty of them out there, and some are crazy expensive. I won this one on an auction for $18.50, which I’m fine with since it’s 47 years old.  I pulled it out of the box and my co-worker and I did a quick test run on my desk against another car in my office, and this lil pink badass blew its doors off! I’m gonna have to run it against a Viper at home, so stay tuned for a video of the Kitchen Floor Dodge Shoot-out!! What was your favorite toy car as a kid?

Venum had her first official photo shoot on Saturday, by @omardphotography. It was a beautiful day and a plethora of cool rides showed up to join in the fun. Then afterwards, I found a lovely porta-potty, which appeared on the horizon like a mirage. These are Not the real photographer's pics, just my phone pics, btw! Swipe for more.

Kobe 1 Protro "Mamba Day" for Mother's Day. Hope you all had a great day.

Picture me rollin' in my 500 Benz.
Free like OJ all day.

In the presence of Greatness: REPTILE poses with the fastest production American car in the world, the 7:01 Nurburgring record-holding GTS-R. Reptile is himself a copy of the prior record-holding 7:12 ACR. Amazing badassery in one Vegas garage!

Mail delivery! Kobe 1 Protro "Mamba Day." Thank you, @stockx. Swipe for more.

NVE3 tour of Wayne Newton's Shenandoah estate. We saw his museum, car collection, retired airplane, horse stables, exotic animal zoo, boyhood home and mansion. We also had lunch on his lawn and watched two of our members get married at his outdoor chapel. The man himself was supposed to make an appearance, but it didn't work out, unfortunately. Nice place, though.

Vipers invaded Hoover Dam on Saturday at #NVE3. We did a tour of the power plant, for which we had to take an elevator down 54 stories into the bowels of Planet Earth. This mammoth project took 5 years to complete (2 years ahead of schedule) by using workers around the clock for 3 shifts, and employed many thousands of people during the Great Depression. It was at the time the largest federal project ever undertaken, and used enough concrete to pave a sidewalk around the entire planet. The Dam is over 700' tall and over 600' thick. It tamed the Colorado River from flooding and brought water to Los Angeles, Arizona, Vegas and other areas. An amazing engineering feat from almost a century ago. Swipe for pics.

For the shoe homies.

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