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Chad Watts 

Wattsperfections mod CR 250 has a complete new engine rebuild and headed to south of the border. @sobmx @icwradiators @powerbandracing @dcw240 @watts_perfections

Have my safety approved eye wear on to witness the eclipse. #wattsperfections

Last four stroke Watts Perfections motor in process and completed before I put my truck on the rev limiter to Loretta Lynns. Did a sand cast finish on the external of this engine.

Wattsperfections is on the way to Loretta Lynns now. All bikes needed for Loretta's have been completed prior to last week. Had to stay and get other work done. Loretta's creek by the track is waiting on me...

Watts Perfections KYB (A) kit forks completed.

Watts Perfections YZF 250 complete upgraded compression/sub-valve settings. Including all KYB upgrade hard parts that are available to the public.

Watts Perfections , YZF 250 KYB forks in process . Started out with oem based forks, getting all the upgrades and mods to convert to the KYB ( A ) kit.

CR 250 getting a Watts Perfections new top end. Loretta Lynns bound.

Down at South of The Border prepping Austin Schafer's KTM 65 for Loretta Lynns National. Getting the Watts Perfections prep. Quick trip and back to the shop on Monday morning.

450 four stroke head/valve train getting the Watts Perfections mods. And yes... I'm not only a two stroke engine builder/mods. Most of the public only things I mod two strokes only. I've been modifying four strokes since 2003... at factory Honda.

Watts Perfections 2004 CR 250 engine mod in process. I make sure the inside of the engine is spotless even before I start the actual mods.

Bradley Chapman 2004 CR 250 for muddy creek national two stroke race. Watts Perfections mod motor going in her. After I finish up south of the border CR 250. #wattsperfections

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