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izzy!  -phone editor (I use cute cut)

sneak peek of shit I'm making lmao I can't edit but eh whatever

oswald cobblepot
( the real papi in gotham)
ac; voidward
dt; all the Ozzie stans

-for @multifedits_ because I know how much these meme dads mean to you.
-if you have no idea who these guys are actually are, they're from it's always sunny in philadelphia, (an amazing hilarious show), GO WATCH IT.
[audio: @xpsychoed ]

[gimmie more] -dt; my mans @lgbtpadilla
-ac; @ingenu__ 💖
ib; @helcnawayne

my part for @anchor.age collab 😩😩😩
[btw this was supposed to be sexy but ended up being a funny edit but what EVA]

also @gotthams this is dedicated to you because we know how much you'd take a bullet for this man

camren bicondova and david mazouz, everyone.
[@camrenbicondova & @davidamazouz]
dt; @madctys ( I know you love these two so much so I thought I'd make this)
ac; @hollandsquackson

[innocence is gone]
dt; the biggest hoe for Edward nygma. @lgbtpadilla
ac; @pierceclaw

the best duo 😩😩
[for @neganssaviours]

3.19 stills for Gotham.

a legend
ac; from every ducking account now.
dt; @dobrevsgoddess & @dvinations my hoes

[edward nygma]
-ib/rm: aethopia
dt; @ingenu__ & @bisexualnygma


-I love them so much already

dt; to all the freaks 😩

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