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Danielle Corsetto  Cartoonist. Cat lady. City hopper. Country mouse.



Animal morning.

Breezy eve.

A few of my friends are making a mural in the tunnel at @shepherdu and it's coming along beautifully. The school is so lucky to have these unbelievably talented artists working on it!

Sometimes when I drink too much I draw pictures with my feet.

Started an art-only Insta! If you wanna see my art, FOLLOW @dcorsettoart - I'll be posting all my art over there from now on. That way if you're a jerk like me who only wants to follow artists for their art, you can choose to follow one or both. ;) Fair warning, this account is eventually gonna become nothing but landscape & cat photos. And maybe some dumb selfies. So, choose wisely. :p

The joy of retrieving shipping supplies from ‪the unfinished attic under a tin roof on a rainy day. 💚

I love love love the colors of my gouache palette.

Tryin to work, but...

Fave dude-model, in for a forty-minute. #malemodel #figuredrawing #coloredpencil #pentelpocketbrush

These two sweeties are gonna do that thing where they get married and continue being beautiful together. <3 Congratulations to my no-longer-nervous brother and basically-now-sister @woloshkm!! Love you both!!

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