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Ultra HD Stills From The DCEU  Unfortunately no affiliations with DC comics or Warner Bros.


fuck batgirl give the fans what they really want, a five hour long faora spin off!

Incredible cgi

I loved the dynamic between Bruce and Diana in JL. One of the best things about the movie

Can we take a moment to appreciate the details in Aquamoa’s suit pls

Boom Tubes provide good lighting

This suit looks so f*cking dope, just wish the abs were a bit less prominent and ‘blocky’.
Also, is it just me or do his hands look like they’re made out of plastic? 😂🤔

Dance off, bro?

Still wished they went with a more human face than 100% CGI with Steppenwolf, but whatever. He looks menacing when his CGI looks good, for example in this shot.

Amber is the hottest girl in the entire DCEU.

Cue the fish joke-
*ba-dum tss*

If you had to choose between recasting Harley Quinn, or shaving off one of your eyebrows,
which eyebrow would you shave off?

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