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Which villain’s costume design is more amazing? Killmonger’s or Zod’s?

Which origin film do you rewatch more? Wonder Woman or Black Panther?

Billionaires at work. Work shot is more aesthetically pleasing to you?

Which is the coolest looking vessel? Zod’s Black Zero or Thanos’ Q-ship?

Which villain’s backstory do you find most interesting?
Thanos and Zod are similar in many aspects. Both are survivors of dead planets. Both suggested genocide to save their planet and were exiled as a result. Both invaded Earth to acquire the key to their plan. Both have the help of powerful soldiers helping their endeavors. Not to mention, they both adorn themselves with awesome battle armor.

Kinda wished we would’ve seen a full fledged sequence of the Old Gods vs. Steppenwolf. That was lowkey my favorite portion of Justice League.

It wouldn’t be Snyder without Batman and some Lightning. Which lightning shot looks better?

Who has the better wide-shot? Ares or Steppenwolf?

Given creative control of the DCEU, what would you choose to be the next 4 films on their slate? (After Aquaman of course)

What was your favorite moment, scene, or sequence from Infinity War? Personally, I loved the entire sequence on Titan. So many tension-filled moments there. Very intense.

Saw it last night! Here’s my Non-Spoiler review for Infinity War.

Thanos - He is, by far, the best MCU villain to date. He’s menacing, sinister, well developed, but not ruthless. Thanos, on a certain level, provokes empathy. He genuinely understands the emotional impact his actions have on others, even acknowledges it, yet devastates their world all the same. He was truly fascinating to watch.
Tension - Many scenes are stressful to watch. The stakes are high. The film’s opening does a good job at establishing a tone in which nobody is safe. I’d never felt this in an MCU film before. It was great.
Epic - This film’s scope is...epic. The ensemble is huge. The variety of locations visited is plentiful. The scale of the battles is large. It feels like Lord of the Rings, but Marvel.
Cinematography: I don’t normally praise the MCU for this, but the camera movement for this film was surprisingly cinematic. The Russo’s incorporated many gorgeous wide-shots, panning dialogue shots, a decent long-take during the NYC battle. I’m glad to see the MCU is finally giving a shit about this. For too long their films have felt like high budget television shows with no ambition to try anything more than repeated over shoulder shots.
Classic MCU Humor - It’s here. It’s abundant. It still destroys tension and heartfelt moments for cheap laughs. It’s simply not needed. In a film where the Guardians have considerable screen time, their shouldn’t be a need for additional levity. Much of the time, the humor is ill-placed, given the stakes.
CGI - While the CGI looks good throughout most of the film, there are intermittent moments where it doesn’t deliver. It’s noticeable. And it snatches you from the cinematic experience ever so briefly. That’s all.
Verdict: 9.5/10 - My favorite MCU film since Iron Man (2008). Can’t wait to see it again!

Would you ever want to see a World’s Finest film in the DCEU?

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