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This is late but I made this for my baby's birthday! Love you so much!! 😘❤❤

Who dat? 😏

Happppppy Birthday to my baby! A person that supports, validates, and up lifts me in so many different ways. I have learned so much about the world and about myself from the time we've gotten to know each other. You are such an intelligent, compassionate, and sexy human being. You deserve the world and I appreciate all the time you spend with me. I love you so much and I'm happy that you're in my life.

Milk and cereal thot

I'd like to celebrate myself and I'd like to celebrate all of the trans youth that have to endure donald trump's anti-trans bathroom bullshit. His hatred not only denies trans people to piss and shit where they please but also denies trans people access to public safe spaces that further perpetuates discrimination, harassment, and violence that trans people face in an already heteropatriarchal world. As a gender non conforming person I have never felt quite comfortable and validated enough to say out loud that I am trans. People have told me that in order for me to be trans I'd have to pay for costly reconstructive surgery and that there is something psychologically wrong with me. I want to say if that is the case and if there is indeed something wrong with me, then I don't want to be right. I celebrate my dick and my bussy as a trans femme gender non conforming person of color. I celebrate all of the trans and queer people that I'm surrounded by that validate me, eat with me, cry with me, protest with me, build community with me, and have helped me come into my identity. The lovely Ryka Aoki says that it takes a village and the trans and queer people in my life have become my village. Kourtney, Jess, Chey, Selest, Dr. Ari, Stefan, and Alok are a few individuals who have become the foundation to my village and it will take all of us to keep moving forward. I believe in the power of community and the power in trans youth, so I will fight with my community and with trans youth. I will fight with undocumented trans and queer immigrants. I will fight with trans and queer muslims. I will fight with trans sex workers. I will fight with trans women of color. I will fight with trans gender non conforming people. I will fight with trans people with disabilities and mental illness. I will fight and I will scream and I will bleed. I will be seen and I will be heard and my blood will flow just as red as any racist heterosexist transphobic nazi fucker that stands in my way. #girlslikeus #showupfortransyouth #transpower #transresilience

🌻Thank Goddess I'm Femme🌻

I love spending time and annoying this human 💕💕💕

Let's be crystal fucking clear ☺️

Tell me I'm pretty

Get you some Erykah Badu in your life for 2017

Happy New Year yitches

Get you a bitch like me 👹

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