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dbo  Christ Follower, Husband, Father, and Production Manager for Mabe Production & Installation @MPI

It's been an honor to serve along side Kings River Worship Center in West Virginia!! #worship #mabe

So blessed to have spent the last about 3 years in St. Peter's, Missouri. God has truly guided my every step and has blessed us in huge ways. The relationships I built will never be forgotten and will continue. The lessons I have learned and how I have grown will be a launch pad for my future. Thank you to all who took part in my life. Now the Lord has set me on a new adventure and looking forward to how God will use me now. This is a picture to the first step in an another direction, once again chasing after the voice of God. Stepping out in faith believing and knowing God will act in my favor. Thank you Lord for moving in my life!! #blessedtobeabletodowhatido #chasingaftergod #dbonillalive

Today concludes my last service at COTR. It has been such a great journey!! The Lord has truly blessed me with the chance to serve in such a great place with such great people!! Thanks to all who I have come to know and love! The relationships I have built will continue. This is not a good bye, but instead see you later!! #mycotr #blessedtobeabletodowhatido #cotrstl

Join in on our rehearsal for our Christmas weekend. See how our team goes through our dress rehearsal all live for you all to see. Mistakes and all!!

Christmas look 2015. The Creative Arts Team did awesome!!! Blessed to work with such a great team!! #cotrstl #blessedtobeabletodowhatido #greatful #blessed #ableton #ledstripes #ledchristmastrees

Want a solid mix, start with a solid foundation. For me drums are a foundation to a good mix. In order to have a good drum sound you need a good sounding drum set "acoustically". Spend time with your drummer and get the drums sounding good together. Then later worry about mic types and placement. You start off great and your chances of sounding great at the end are that much better. #smallthingsmatter #dbonillalive #cotraudio thanks to my boy @suro82 who takes time to tune and be detailed with it. #letsmixtogether

The small things matter. It's not until the lead mic cuts off, because batteries weren't changed, does this small thing become a huge issue. Encourage your team members to always see the big picture even in the small things. I always say to those volunteers who change batteries "this little thing can be a hindrance to people receiving the Word of God, and your part of changing someone's life." Don't believe me, don't change the batteries and see what happens during the preaching🙈 #smallthingsmatter #cotraudio #dbonillalive

We are finally fully switched over to our new monitor console. We are now running iPads at all musicians locations. We use to have a Yamaha PM1D. Huge sound difference and all the musician can testify, and they have full access to all the channel in the system. #cotraudio #midaspro2 #audiogear

Don't miss out on your chance to get connected. We are looking for those people who are searching for a way to get connected, so come out and check us out. We would love to meet you!!

I haven't posted in a while but just wanted to share how thankful I am to be doing the thing I love for the kingdom. Changing batteries might seem like a minimal task but have one of the mics go out in the middle of a solo and that minimal task just became the biggest distraction. The little things matter!! #littlethingsmatter #blessedtodowhatido #techgear #preservicesetup #shure #sennheiser

Come join us tonight at 7pm. Come be a part of our Creative Arts Department!!

So our Pastor blessed my family and I with awesome Cardinal game tickets today!! Feeling super blessed!! #goddidthis #feelingblessed @meli_vette @danielmblunt @dashthedj @abramschulte @igbrinkley

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