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Denny Stephenson  If interested in donating to JDRF in Riley's name, click the link. Thanks!


Can someone please explain to me during this time of #metoo, why this piece of shit still roams the earth, making millions off his music and still receiving public adulation? He matter of factly and publicly, in his car, pummeled the face of his famous girlfriend, yet I have yet to hear anything about it or him. Meanwhile James Franco is blackballed from the Oscars because a questionable Ally Sheedy tweeted some delusional vague thoughts and he's accused of pulling his dick out of his pants, in his car, in front of his girlfriend. I'm confused. How do these two even compare? Why does Chris Brown get a free pass?

Can someone please tell this delusional fucking Hollywood idiot to shut her mouth. Beyond the obvious of exploiting this horrific moment to even think about expressing your assanine liberal bullshit, have some respect for what happened. Because let's be honest, the piece of shit 19 year old who decided today he was going to shoot up a school and kill innocent children is predominantly a product of today's spineless parents. The blue ribbon participation trophy era of over inflated self worth and importance in kids is because parents are more worried about being their kid's best friend instead of beating their ass when they fuck up and challenging them to be better, rather than constantly rewarding them for being nothing less than an idiot. But yet, please Chelsea Handler tell us more. #disgusted

Well... what ya think? Was @kenroczen94 going in the kill on @cooperwebb2 or did he just fuck up and whiskey throttle loop out into him? #oops

Little Hill laying it down tonight. To say that was unexpected from a fans perspective, is to say the least. But never doubt a former Champ. The decision making a man makes, in hopes of pursuing his career and dreams will always be questioned. Whether you go with what others want or those moments to break away and do what you think is best for you. He fuckin' earned it tonight. No doubt with his bro Josh and his family losing their minds while watching. Best part for me, I saw a lot of his new manager tonight. The influence of @budmanantunez was everywhere. The way @justinhill46 has rebounded. His confidence with his lines. As almost he was just playing with AC until he got an open track. Fantastic team effort. Can't lose with the Budman in your corner.

That moment when the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 450 Champ let's you know he's a fan of 90s moto. #primetime #mxdn

That was bad ass! No Supercross viewing party tonight but our thread was firing and I was standing and yelling at the TV while the dogs think I'm insane. Outstanding @elhombre21 & @kenroczen94, on a beyond treacherous track filled with ruts and rhythm. Five rounds down as the cream rises to the top while the #3 continues to prove he's not mentally ready for primetime. Gonna be a new champion this season. Fuck yea. Hombre gonna burn Oaktown down. Dirt bikes are kinda neat.

When Riley was first diagnosed with diabetes, his doctor had suggested we look into some of the different clinical trials that were available in hopes of finding new treatments for him & others with T1D. At first, his mom and I were pretty skeptical. Last thing I wanted was my son to be a pin cushion or worse yet, a lab rat in my mind. But to our surprise Riley was immediately positive about it all. Eventually we, mainly him, decided on a two year trial out of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. After multiple flights back and forth from Omaha, the trial ended last year. Altho, one of the possible side effects we were told to be aware of after, were some issues with his spleen. So after two weeks of stomach pains this week, a quick trip to the hospital yesterday confirmed a handful of things. One, the kid fortunately has nothing wrong with his spleen, just a bad virus that's going around town. Two, his mom needs to stay off of WebMD. Three, this post has ran far to long. And lastly, our kids are much stronger than all of us parents. πŸ˜‚ Love you kid. I'm so sorry you have to go thru all this shit. Hospitals suck. But, you're a bad ass. ❀ #myboy

Each day I get a good laugh, but at the end of the day I am so disgusted by the whores of Hollywood and their privileged holier than thou behavior. Like it or not you sunshiney California fucks, who without us watching your lame ass movies, you're acting talents would be in front of your mom's bridge group. Remember when you decide to think anyone gives a shit what you think in life, that you dance for our dollar. No different than a minimum waged individual who delivers their coffee. Your liberal bullshit is that of a child. Have respect or dance in a monkey suit for pennies in the courtyard. Because for every jab your disillusioned mouth spews, you no doubt just offended the other 50% who foolishly paid to watch you speak words that were written for you. #knowyourplace

Grabbed dinner with the kid last night. Between Christmas break, snow day, extreme cold day and MLK, I think he's been to school 10 days or so in the last month. Life is tough at 15. #myboy

Oh whole helluva lot of Nebraska & Iowa moto-history right here. No better way to spend a Saturday night than with old friends and live Supercross. Thanks to Feld & Fox Sports for making it happen. Where & who are some of the people & places you guys watch? #motofam #HoustonSX17

Another outstanding SX party tonight. The brownies were once again the purple haze, while the same moto stories were told and laughed at for seemingly the hundredth time. It's crazy to think of all the old, rich moto history that fills all of our rooms when we sit down to watch some live SX. No matter who you are, if you raced motocross in your local area 20 or 30 years ago, I'm willing to bet, most of those same friends from Chicken Licks Raceway during the 70s, 80s and 90s, are no doubt considered almost family today. The dirt bike life ain't no joke. Happy Birthday to my dad's wife Janet. Thanks for coming by and sharing your celebration with everyone. And just when you thought it was Marvin's to lose... he pisses it all away. Fuuuuuck, Supercross can be one cruel sum bitch. Sorry, it could be the pineapple express talking. #myfam #dirtbikelife #SX18

It was an honor just to be nominated. πŸ˜‚ Just heard about this today, but wanted to thank @pulpmx and their listeners for keeping 90s Moto relevant and entertaining. But seriously 2nd? You guys suck. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And I cannot guarantee no one sexually harassed in the making of our episode. #dirtbikelife #90smoto

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