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Delta Beta Nupes  Est. 1951 at Syracuse University, the Delta Beta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. ♦️"Today the yard, tomorrow the world."♦️

TONIGHT! The Nupes are Koming... Carnegie Steps; 8:11p ♦️👌🏾

The Nupes are Koming...
Syracuse University: Carnegie Steps
Sunday, 8:11p ♦️👌🏾 @travisscott x @champagnepapi - #sickomode 🔥

Today is the day! Every vote counts!

#SeeYouThere 👻♦️

#BarbershopTalk and #HairSalonTalk meet again! We provide a space where you kan ask the opposite sex any and everything you’d like. Genuine questions. No sugarcoated answers. Trust us when we say YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT!

Join us and @slu_eta tomorrow evening for Two Kan Play That Game at 7:11pm in Newhouse 3 Room 434/432 (I-3 Center)! 💃🏽👌🏾 #KlassikKappa #TwoKanPlayThatGame #BringYourQuestions #HaveThoseAnswers #SeeYouThere

Join us and @dericaugustine this Friday in Grant Auditorium at 7:11pm. Tickets on sale NOW, ONLY $1, at the Schine Box Office. 📽

#KlassikKappa #ExecutiveSeries #DericAugustine #KappaSetstheTone #TodayTheYardTomorrowTheWorld 🌎♦️

Ladies of Syracuse University,
Remember to recieve your Karnation from an Executive Nupe tomorrow in the Schine Atrium ♦️ #KlassikKappa

We, the brothers of the Executive Delta Beta Chapter, excitingly welkome you to the Executive Series with TV actor Deric Augustine. Augustine is most famous for his roles on series like Saints & Sinners, Side Chick and The Vampire Diaries. He also appeared as DJ Yella in the movie Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le. Augustine was a star football player at the University of New Orleans, and has an identical twin brother named Deven who is also an actor.

Join us and @dericaugustine this Friday in Grant Auditorium at 7:11pm. Tickets on sale NOW, ONLY $1, at the Schine Box Office. 📽

#KlassikKappa #ExecutiveSeries #DericAugustine #KappaSetstheTone #TodayTheYardTomorrowTheWorld 🌎♦️

Join us and our special guest, ΔΒ's very own and SU Alum, @tsikudo_ this evening in Newhouse 3 Room 434/432 (I-3 Center) at 7:11pm for our second installment of #RespekttheHustle!

#Swipeleft to see a mere glimpse of @tsikudo_ 's amazing arsenal of concert and main stage event photography!

#RespekttheHustle showcases Nupes who’ve incorporated their passion into their career post-graduation in a nontraditional sense. This gives an opportunity for SU students to connect with them providing insight on how to effectively pursue their passions.

#KlassikKappa ♦️👌🏾

#KlassikKappa 👌🏾We, the Executive ΔΒ Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, are more than excited to share this semester’s Kappa week with you all. We have a super eventful week planned. #Swipeleft to see the lineup! #KappaSetstheTone #TodayTheYardTomorrowTheWorld 🌎♦️

@nphc_cuse proudly presents #GreekFreak2018 🔥🍊Tickets on sale at 9am! Grab them at the Schine Box Office!

#GreekFreak2018 #HesTheProducer #RespectYourElders


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