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Clara Song  MUA & Mother of 2 lovely children👧🏻👶🏻@clarasongmakeup 💌dblchin@hotmail.com

Age is really catching up on me as I break into my mid thirties this month. Yikes! Needless to say, investing in good skincare is really important!
I’ve been using @nutoxsg advance serum concentrate for a while now & I love how it gives hydration to my skin.
If u noticed carefully (swipe left), you will know that I’ve already incorporate this into my daily regime for a period of time because I’ve used more than 1/2 the bottle of product.
But guess what? U don’t need to use for an extended period of time to see results, just 7 days and you can feel the difference in your skin.
Try it out for yourself!
Thank u nutox for sending this over!

Basic hair course with @maison.de.rire that is seemingly basic but you know what? These are the hairstyles nearly killed everyone of us lol.
But hurray, I did it! Can’t wait to get my down to these style w my brides!
1 more day of advance course, 看我怎么死!😂

All dolled up but no where to go.
Few days back I decked out some old Makeup and played around w them a little, thinking to go out and get some stuff done once I am ready but in the end was stuck at home looking after Travis.
Oh well at least this #dblchinfotd made it to Instagram.
@laneigesg Cc cushion
@innisfreesingapore sebum powder
@cliosingapore Kill brown
#katecosmetics smoky round eyes RD-1
Lash extensions @secretbeautylash 4D
@thebodyshopsg All-in-one cheek marshmellow
@bourjoissg Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick no.7

Getting ready to shower 🚿 in style!
Thanks to @philipssg Aquatunes wireless shower speaker, I can now blast my favourite songs in the toilet and sing along damn loud without feeling awkward. On top of that, lather myself with the refreshing @neutrogena rainbath shower. Ahhh, what a luxury~
Thanks to @clozetteco for arranging this!

Hi there! Wana make a guess what I have in my hands?
(Hint: Only the ladies have it!)
If you have guess it right, yes I'm holding on to this cute little 'Uterus' plush toy! Do you know that many women are sufferers of HMB (Heavy Menstrual Bleeding) yet keeping silent about it because many feel having HMB and painful cramps are part of the 'normal' during periods?
Well, having excessive bleeding (eg, changing of pads every hour/ doubling over in pain during menses) is NOT NORMAL and definitely needs to raise an alarm.
Through last week's discussion event with regards to HMD, here are actually many ways to elevate the pain through various methods. An example is LARC (Long Acting Contraception) which helps to relieve period sufferers from anemic and other medical conditions which might affect their daily health.
Take this 1 minute quiz https://goo.gl/kyTjH2 to find out about yourself to ascertain whether you are suffering from HMB (clickable link in bio)
#heavyperiods #MenstrualHealth
#periodproblems #HMBAwareness

One day you shall be a fine young man, bigger and taller than the size of me & I wouldn’t be able to lift u up like now.
But rest assure my darling Travis, my heart will always embrace every inch of u, for it is strong enough to withstand all odds, even the time when u piss that fountain of ‘Elixir ’ onto my face
I love you my Ham Bao Bao

Browsing back my photo album and saw this pic of my favourite buddy and I, fooling around with Samsung #galaxys8
Meet soon @silver_ang !

Going casuals with @melissashoessg A/W18 collection.
Melissa Ulitsa, a super versatile open toe sneaker, specially tailored for unconventional

Comon, lace me up right away.

Slaying it forward, with highlights


My babies left and right 👧🏻👶🏻
Not forgetting that big old baby👴🏻right behind😆😆😆
📷 @jas.jay.c

Who needs normal when you have friends like @ilovebunnynet @faithyvanitytable? 😆
Big Congrats to @etudehousesingapore Westgate on your opening, new store concept, new launches and kudos your built to last Matt Chic Lip Lacquer (I’ve been wearing it almost everyday).
Thanks for the awesome invite and Juls for the link up!
More on stories!
📷 @lkzx

Me and my 小鲜肉。

Congratulations to your new salon opening @impulse.collective (coming soon on 3rd August) @nchychen
Jia you, jia you, jia you! 💕

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