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D'bi.young Anitafrika  African/Jamaican/Dub Poet Performance/Artist/Educator/Scholar Queer/Black/Feminist/Goddess MA Theatre&Performance 2019 Goldsmiths University of London

Another one from mystery photographer. Mood...Day off in London...saw Misty and Motown and processing...#thepoweroftheatre

Here is another one...same mystery photographer...mood today in a London Town #blackgirlmagic

Foggy day in London...mood... #blackgirlmagic

hello global village. I am so excited to share with you what I’ve been working on with some really incredible folks, since I got to Goldsmiths. Tah Daaah!

Black.Arts.Gold with English PEN & The Department of Theatre and Performance
Groundings in Black Praxes, Politics and Pedagogies: Performance & Art l

How do different Black arts practitioners make their art?
How does the intersectionality of identity affect the creative processes of Black arts practitioners?
How are Black artists teaching art-making?
What new methods and approaches to creating work are Black practitioners utilising & conceptualising?
Join us for an evening of Performance and Inquiry
Performances by MA Theatre Practitioners:
DeAira Hermani, Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, Abu Ansari and D’bi.Young Anitafrika
Followed by an Open Round Table Discussion with Special Guest Faculty Dr. Osita Okagbue, Head of the Theatre Department and Gail Babb, Lecturer in MA Applied Theatre, moderated by MA Education Practitioner Lynn Obath.
All Goldsmiths Students and Staff, as well as the general public, are invited to attend
Title: Groundings in Black Praxes, Politics & Pedagogies: Performance and Art l
Date: Monday November 26, 2018
Time: 6:45pm
Location: George Wood Theatre @ Goldsmiths
Admission: FREE
For More Info: black.arts.gold@gmail.com
Black.Arts.Gold is a collective of Black MA arts practitioners at Goldsmiths, University of London, who are committed to nurturing the Groundings Project; a space for rigorous inquiry into Black approaches to art-making, dissemination and scholarship.


Hey @universityofvictoria @openspacevic @ubcbsu Coast Salish Territories BC Canada, thank you for hosting me last week. I had a phenomenal time and the talk-backs really helped me to clarify my research at Goldsmiths. Guess where I am headed in January 2019, right back to you. I’ll be playing the International Push Festival the week of January 14 and I would love to give some Classroom Talks, Workshops and Lectures while I am there. Best to plan in advance. So if you you want to hear some Dub, let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you BC. @leehendy
Big up Che Kothari for the pretty pic from the past
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About to board the plane back to London. The quick visit is over and my heart is sad. And happy all at the same time. My boys and brother are growing and growing and growing and I indeed have many things to be grateful for. Ase Ancestors. Ase Esu. Ase Orishas. Ase Spirit Guides. #blackgirlmagic #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #airport #london #goldsmiths#readingweek #universitytour

Yep that’s my 14 year old son Moon and that’s how much taller than me he is. I love it. I had to pull a rewind...lol...❤️❤️❤️ #trees

Yup that’s my 14 year old and that’s how much taller than me he is #sonsandmothers

My bro & my boys celebrating Phoenix’s 10th birthday. I surprised him with a quick Toronto stop over on my way back to London. #surprise

Made a surprise sneak visit to Toronto for Phoenix’s Birthday 🎁 Celebrating with all my boys 😘

From Dub Poetry to Dubbin Theatre: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of the Anitafrika Method #research #blackgirlmagic #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #dubpoetry #theanitafrikamethod

So check this out! While on this University Tour I came up with a working title for my PhD: Blackening The Theatre Performance Degree: An Intersectional Black Queer Feminist Curriculum-Based Response to the Study of Dead White Men. The research pays particular attention to The Watah Theatre as a Case Study in alternative Theatre-curriculum building, using The Anitafrika Method. What do you think?
The goal is to create a NEW theatre curriculum! Now what University will give me a package, once I’m done my Masters, to teach in their Theatre and Creative Writing Departments, while I do my research on the Anitafrika Method and create a new Theatre curriculum; mirroring the work we were doing at The Watah Theatre for the past 10 years...I wonder... BTW, I refined the MA title some more: Oya (Re) Presenting: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of Mother/Daughter Archetypes/Relationships in Dub Poetry and Dub Theatre by Black Womxn from Jamaica and its Canadian and British Diasporas

I am really asking the question: What would a Black Theatre Program grounded in intersectional feminist anti-colonial anti-homophobic Pan Africanist thought look like...We were aiming for that at Watah. I am also asking the question: how would Black practitioners do in such an environment. And how would other POC and Indigenous practitioners do in such an environment. How would people who are white do in such an environment. At Watah the room was mixed and there was no question that the space centred Blackness. We were able to create a safe space and we were able to have really challenging conversations together across numerous differences.

The Jamaica School of Drama, now named the Edna Manley College for the Visual & Performing Arts is fertile ground for such experiments...I am a forever dreamer...but I am open to any invitation anywhere that is enticed by the idea of radicalizing their current Theatre and Creative Writing Programs...how very exciting a thought indeed... #blackgirlmagic #curriculum #newtheatre #newtheatretraining #anitafrikamethod #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika

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