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Carol Paine Crouch  Combining my passion for preparedness with my goal to educate & equip women in personal protection.

Fun at the L.A.County Fair!

Happy Holloween! I love this Halloween special for your kids! It includesva Trick or Treat Candy Bucket, HolloHers/His Personal Alarm (choice of pink or blue), SAFE Hearts Flashlight, Heart Defender Badge (your choice of which one), Halloween Safety Tips, Halloween Games. Just $25. A great and fun way to talk safety to your ghoblins.

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Happy Sunday morning everyone! Make it a beautiful week! And for you Ladies; remember who’s daughter you are.


September is National Preparedness Month - be prepared for any situation. Have you thought about what you would do if; your car went off the road into a river, stream, aquaduct? If you were caught in a flash flood? What if your car suddenly caught fire? What if you are involved in an accident? How would you get out of your vehicle if your seatbelt wouldn’t unlock, or your child’s seatbelt? What if the door will not or can not be opened. Sadly these situations happen every single day. The Road Trip by Damsel in Defense includes a glass punch (breaks your window), a seat belt cutter, emergency beacon with strong magnets to hold to your vehicle, high and low beam flashlight, strobe light, alarm, USB chargeable, and a charging bank to recharge your other mobile device. Just $35

And since it is Emergency Preparedness month 10% of the price of each one I sell will be donated to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. Be safe, keep your family safe!


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These numbers break my heart. I believe these crimes to be some of the most evil of crimes, and with the information, knowledge and technology we have today this is unacceptable. This is one of the big reasons I became a Damsel Independent Pro. I want to change these statistics one person at a time.

If you feel like I do I invite you to join my team and share the Damsel Mission; Equip, Educate and Empower Women to protect themselves and their families. September is our 7 year anniversary, so we are offering a special price of just $77 to join.

For more information you can PM me, or are you ready to join? You can sign up on my website at www.mydamselpro.net/DazzlingDefense/

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Today we helped with the American Red Cross Sound the Alarm program. We break i to teams and install smoke detectors in people’s homes, and teach emergency preparedness, escape plans, etc. great program.

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Pop over and follw my facebook page for your opportunity to win a $25 shoppi g spree with me and Damsel in Defense!


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Good Morning! As September is National Preparedness Month, I like to do something special to help others. This month I have chosen to donate 10% of the purchase price of every Road Trip I sell in September to the American Red Cross. Please help me make this a record month. Purchase a Road Trip for yourself, family member, new driver, family member or stock up for Christmas gifts and help the Red Cross help those during a disaster. You can contact me or order direct from my website: I am notified of all website sales. Thank you for keeping your family safe and making a difference in someone else’s life.
The Road Trip also make great customer appreciation gifts for those in the auto industry.


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What scares you? Wildfire, earthquake, zombie apolcalyps?
September is National Preparedness Month - are you prepared when disaster strikes? Earthquake, Wildfire, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Home Fire, Car jacking, Burglary, Auto Accident? It may not be a huge disaster affecting thousands of people, but even an individual incident can be a personal disaster. Be prepared.


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It’s September and our 7 year Damselversary! And just for you here is your chance to join Damsel and be a part of my team for just $77. That is a fantastic price, and you will receive what you need to start your business off right. Just look at these fabulous products included in your starter kit, plus business supplies, over $225 value. Want more for your kit, add a booster kit for an additional $65 and receive the Get a Grip Stun Gun, 2Hardcore Pepper Sprays, 2 Pouch O’Pepper Sprays, 2 Breakaway Keychains, plus practice pepper sprays; an additional $214 value.
Whether you believe in and want to share the mission, are looking for a side hustle to supplement your income, or want to dive in full throttle Damsel is here for each of you. Contact me for more information or to join. If you are ready to join pop over to my website and join now.

And for added bonus, Damsel just announced our 2019 incentive trip, a Carribbean Cruise. Everyone starts earning points today to win this trip - so sign up and start earning your rewards now.

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These limited edition Get a Grip Stun Guns are still available, your choice of Periwinkle or Rose. But hurry as this special limited offer ends this Friday August 31st at 9:00 pm PDT. And yes these stun guns also qualify for the special offer of a free Pouch O’Pepper pepper spray or Sock It To Me Striking Tool with purchase. But hurry the clock is ticking.

You can contact me to place your order or you can order direct on my website at: https://mydamselpro.net/DazzlingDefense/

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September is Realtor Safety Month - contact me to book your Free Realtor Safety Presentation now. Lots of great information and safety tips to keep you safe while showing a home, and out on the road. But hurry September is filling up quickly.

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