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hey loves, im gonna be making a fandom edit. i need 10-15 volunteers (comment if u wanna be in it/help) and i also need videos of u guys meeting Luna! It can be anyone from any fandom that can be in this. Comment down below to help out!! (Make sure to tag ur friends)

you guys honestly don’t know how proud i am of Luna and all the hard work she does. i was lowkey crying this morning thinking abt how successful she is. ahh anyways, have a good day❤️ { @lunablaise }
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could this picture get any more iconic🤔 { #lunablaise }
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one whole year❤️ Luna u better come back to SF, Berkeley, San Jose, any of those so we can reunite soon! {#lunablaise} { @lunablaise } (x60)

(Swipe) so i Sent this for Jacobs hooked on a feeling “special activity” but ahh i feel like i messed up anyways tell me what u think in the comments!
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June 16, 2017. little did i know, that date would change my life forever. i dmd this girl asking if she was going to the bacon convert thinking it would be nothing but just meeting and never talking again, but no. I met my best friend in this ENTIRE world ( @shyblaise ). Sab where do i even start? Like u said, we may not have been best friends since the start but now i can’t name somebody who i trust w my life besides u. me and my mom were talking last night about how u have ALWAYS taught me right from wrong. u tell me to get in the shower when i don’t want to💀 u tell me to get off my phone when my mom comes in💀 basically u keep me outta trouble. so thanks for that ;) anyways, ahhh sab ur gorgeous. ur genuinely the most perfect human being I have ever met. ur attitude is always positive and that’s my favorite thing abt u BUT DAMN LETS TALK ABT HOW FUCKING GORGEOUS MY BEST FRIEND IS. wowowowow thts my best friend now yours ahhh. hehe anyways on to our FaceTimes :) So when im having a bad day, you are the ONLY one who knows how to put a smile on my face. You helped me through my hardest times a couple months ago and look where i am now. couldn’t be happier and I’m alive. I love ur goofy ass so much whether it’s playing fortnite to making the ugliest faces possible on the phone. AHHH WHATTA BOUT SALLY. no one will ever get that except for us :) We’ve has the greatest memories together and you’ve taught me what it’s like to be strong and confident. Man i will never be able to tell u how much i love u. Im honestly hoping i can come over to ur house this summer (i have everything set up just remember to fall) and i can’t wait for many more years. Thank you for being my best friend and being here when i need you. I love u w my whole heart and i never ever wanna lose u❤️

compliment the person who comments above u! I’ll start w luna, her attitude is so positive and her smile always brights up a room!!
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literally 2 days until me and Sabs one year <3
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