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stranger things  the st and it cast own my heart

deserves all the happiness in the world
for kenza erin and tiara ✨
+ dazedbyers finally edited will byers???

girlfriends ✨
ac eshed ib lorhugs
for kenza ana ari cali lola madison steph sydney sierra ava and max [ lilia liked <3 ]

season one was mileven’s purest season ✨
for elisa liv rose octavia karly kitty lynn cali alessia taryn sydney jasmine alexa corisa and kina
ib boca.aep

this amazingly talented incredible girl
for elisa ana karly tiara and lola ✨

powerful ass women

their powerful ass friendship
for Tiara ✨
ib aryansvids/wvlfhvrd sc celestialbellarke

this powerful friendship
for Lola ✨
ib/rm boca.aep (her style is so fun skshsk)
sc eshed

the transitions are back! (but they aren’t that good anyways) im gonna run out soon
also sorry for my inactivity guys i’m lazy and annoying
ALSO instagram messed up the thumbnail
sc eshed

stan this friendship or go home !
this took me like 3 days & it’s still horrible shdksj but i was trying a new style
ib boca.aep tc xnerving sc celestialbellarke

these four are taking over 2018
for steph [ @calpurniaoffficial ] I LOVE U i wish i could’ve done your faves more justice with this edit shdksjk

these slower type of edits are so not my thing shdksk this is really messy
also sorry for being very inactive this past week !!
i’m so so proud of how far they’ve come

stranger things season two

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