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The dark braids and bright flowers, the intricately embroidered blouses and froth of skirts, the chunky necklaces, the lace, the ribbons, the monobrow...⠀

A new exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art, California explores the powerful personal style of Frida Kahlo and how she used clothes to shape her identity.⠀

The story of her clothing is rather incredible, given that after Kahlo’s death in 1954 the majority of her wardrobe lay untouched for fifty years. Her bathroom and private dressing room were sealed shut on partner Diego Rivera’s orders and only opened again in 2004. ⠀

One can only imagine what it must have been like to explore the contents of her wardrobe for the first time, to bring all those familiar shapes and lines back into the light...⠀

📷 Nikolas Muray⠀

"I’ve long been following @cianobasmith and his work. He creates bodies of works that unfold as stories and the colours within each shot are incredibly alluring. This photo is from his relatively recent series about urban horsemen in Philadelphia – shot entirely on film" - @ashleighkane Dazed Digital's Arts and Culture Editor.⠀⠀
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Photographer @niallito's new book gets under America’s skin, documenting the lives of those who exist on the country’s periphery.⠀

Shot in a pre-Trump America, these images hone in on the fear, claustrophobia and anger that the current US president manipulated so successfully during his campaign. The book is a thought-provoking inversion of the great American road trip, which unravels like a Kerouacian maunder despite its lack of chronology.⠀

"Suddenly I’m in these small towns meeting the Republicans. These beautifully friendly, welcoming people who ate apple pie and ice cream and wanted to give you a bed to sleep on and look after you, yet they all had quite strong opinions on war and were very negative about Obama. I couldn’t really get my head around this contrast" - Niall O’Brien⠀

With a mind working at a thousand revolutions a second, @hayettmccarthy is acutely perceptive. “I’m good at scratching beneath the surface,” she says. ⠀

The model’s New York flat is crammed with curves: she was once “obsessed” with Kandinsky’s “Several Circles”, and often bowls twice a week, though not just for the balls. “It’s like life – if you aim to the side, it’s always going to go to the middle,” she quips. “And it’s better when you’re drunk.”⠀

Photography @joyce_cs9⠀
Styling @elizabethfraserbell
All clothes and accessories @mango SS17⠀

Taken from the spring/summer issue of #Dazed

Music publications have been struggling to put a label to @gaikasees' sound – an amalgamation of many different genres and styles that carries an unmistakable British grit.
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@placesplusfaces, the Tumblr turned legit photography and streetwear brand, has released a print magazine. ⠀

Having spent the past few years documenting contemporary rap culture, the pair treat their followers to photos of their favourite artists (think Kanye, Drake, Frank Ocean, A$AP and even Chloë Sevigny).⠀

Out next month, the issue represents their best work to date – amazing pictures pulled together into a glossy mag that’s sure to be lapped up by their friends, followers and fans. ⠀

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Millions hang on to @lisaandlena's every lip-synced word and infectious wink...⠀

Photography @caspersejersenstudio⠀

Styling @robbiespencer⠀

Lisa wears all clothes @jacquemus⠀

Taken from the spring/summer issue of #Dazed

@lisaandlena are the lip-synching twins invading your feed with their hyperactive energy and a loyal following of 16 million fans.⠀

Photography @caspersejersenstudio⠀

Styling @robbiespencer⠀

Lena wears all clothes @jacquemus⠀

Taken from the spring/summer issue of #Dazed

With 16 million followers and counting, @lisaandlena are lighting up social media with their manic energy on lip-syncing app @musical.ly 💥

Photography @caspersejersenstudio⠀

Styling @robbiespencer⠀

Lena wears all clothes @jacquemus, earrings @slimbarrett⠀

Taken from the spring/summer issue of #Dazed

'2026', an exhibition capturing the young Africans channeling London’s club and fashion scenes, is now on show in Stockholm at @cfhillofficial. "I’m not making work that’s gonna change our political system or contest anything, it’s more a celebration of people and a utopian approach to the future," says photographer @kristinleemoolman.
Art direction and styling @ibkamara. Open until May 12th

The ‘female gaze’ has become something of a buzzword in recent years with a growing community of women taking control of their narratives through photos taken for and by them; self-published without the need for middle-men legitimising their work. ⠀

Documenting this revolution over the past few years has been Dazed contributor, Charlotte Jansen (@omfgnoway), whose curation of work by these talented women is now a book, titled Girl on Girl.⠀

"It’s obviously reappropriating a term from porn, it is a statement but it’s also a bit cheeky...It kind of goes with one of the discussions in the book – that we associate women very strongly with certain ideas, but we can broaden those ideas." ⠀

📷 @thisismayan⠀

'Listening to a really good song for the first time...'
YouTube star @connorfranta is a vocal advocate for queer kids online. 🗯
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