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“Them some fuckin’ clothes” 👌🏼 Robot streetwear kid @blawko22 reviews celebrity looks for us, as part of our #AgeOfAI series.
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IT’S A STRIKE 🎳... but is it a match?
Watch Capital Xtra presenter @yinkabokinni hit the lanes in the first of our new video series with @tinder – on the site now.

Honey! 🍯🐝🔥 Queen @robynkonichiwa just posted the cover art for her first album in 8 years —that she’s been working on for the past 4 — set to be released 26 October. Who’s excited?! 📷🔁 #regram @robynkonichiwa

“One of the most interesting aspects with AI art is that it creates a situation in which we can begin to reconsider our approach to non-human entities” – Ben Vickers

Can art and AI co-exist? Curator Ben Vickers reflects on this relationship while discussing five visual artists making crucial work with AI, from Ian Cheng (@eyecheng) to @lynn_leeson.
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@moses Sumney makes music that’s like a Rothko painting.
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💄 Optimise your face 💄⠀

Are we ready for Siri-fied Sephora? With the help of AI, the future of beauty is about to get technological. ⠀

For our #AGEOFAI week, we've listed six AI innovations that could change skincare and beauty – on the site now (link in bio) http://www.dazeddigital.com/science-tech/article/41430/1/ai-beauty-skincare-innovations-apps-proven-curology-function-of-beauty⠀

🎨 @reiameril

Continuing our step into the unknown with our #AGEOFAI campaign, we look at why giving human voices to AI assistants is an ethical nightmare.⠀

Speaking to the experts, we find out why we should be worried that Alexa and Siri are normalising the idea that machines speak like subservient, human women.⠀

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🖥 Inside the infinite imagination of a computer 🖥⠀

Read an unnerving extract from technology writer and artist James Bridle’s book, New Dark Age, about how machines think.⠀


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🎨 @reiameril

Spike Jonze’s captivating film Her – in which Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his computer operating system – turns five this year. In honour of its anniversary, and as part of our #AGEOFAI campaign, we asked an expert how close we are to the reality in the film, and whether we’ll all soon be in love with our iPhones.⠀

I know what you’re thinking – will even my computer eventually leave me broken-hearted and alone? Probably, TBH. Sorry.⠀

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“Landseer never wanted those lions to look so passive; he proposed a much more animated stance, but Queen Victoria found it too shocking.” 🦁🦁⠀

Overnight on September 17, a fifth fluorescent red lion joined the pride of four monumental lions in Trafalgar Square. At night, everyone was invited to “feed the lion” with words, while it churned them into an ever-evolving collective poetry by daylight. The artist behind the piece is @EsDevlin who’s known for her innovative projection-mapped sculptures that fuse light, music and tech.⠀
#LDF18 #PleaseFeedTheLions

📷 John Nguyen/PA Wire

A man after our own heart, @harrystyles is back in another @gucci campaign. This time though, he's upgraded from a chicken in a chip shop to a villa in Rome with a whole gang of baby farm animals (aww...) 💕⠀

📷 @glen_luchford

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⠀ 💙👗🤘 A week-long alternative arts festival in Ghana has been bringing music, dance, and performance to the city since its launch in 2011. This year, Lagos-based @stephen.tayo heads to the site where the magic happens to document the street style.⠀

“There’s actually no event in Nigeria where people can totally express themselves like this... Everybody is out there giving their best looks, leaving their mark, and channelling their ego” – @stephen.tayo


Interviewed by @lookingfortettey

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