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Dazed  The cult of Heath Ledger


We wish we knew how to quit you...⠀⠀
Look back on Heath Ledger’s life 10 years since the actor’s death, as remembered by @treytylor.⠀⠀
📷 Heath Ledger in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (2005), dir. Ang Lee

“I was never out to prove myself or my sexuality – it didn’t really bother me. I think if that was an issue... I wouldn’t have done Brokeback Mountain” – Heath Ledger⠀

Read @treytylor’s deep-dive into the late actor’s life and career, and its impact on him as a young, closeted gay man. (Link in bio 🔗) ⠀

📷 Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (2005), dir. Ang Lee

Today is ten years since Heath Ledger tragically passed, aged only 28. ⠀

Revisit @treytylor’s look at the life, work and death of the mysterious, much-loved actor on the site now. (Link in bio 🔗)⠀

📷 Heath Ledger in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ (2005), dir. Ang Lee

“People kept asking me – in middle school, specifically – if I had gotten hit by a bus,” rapper-actor-model @judahlang says about his striking birthmark, a Portugal-shaped, port-wine stain on the left side of his face. What was once a lure for bullies, however, now sets him apart. ⠀

Read more about the rising star on the site now. 💫⠀

Photography @benedictbrink
Styling @john_colver
Interview @treytylor
#JudahLang wears @marceloburlon and @dentsgloves

Taken from the autumn 2017 issue of #Dazed

Ahead of his new film, ‘Skate Kitchen’ debuting at Sundance today, we caught up with multi-hyphenate talent @judahlang in our autumn 2017 issue. ⠀

Read now on the site. 👀⠀

Photography @benedictbrink
Styling @john_colver
#JudahLang wears @marceloburlon and @dentsgloves

Taken from the autumn 2017 issue of #Dazed

Muse to @hedislimane in his @ysl years, rapper, and now actor – @judahlang has already done a lot in his 19 years. ⠀

Get to know the young up-and-coming star in our interview with him on the site now. 👀⠀

Photography @benedictbrink
Styling @john_colver
#JudahLang wears @marceloburlon and @dentsgloves

Taken from the autumn 2017 issue of #Dazed

@prue_stent and @honeylong are among the artists interrogating their “conflicted relationship with femininity and its passive associations,” in work now on display at the ‘Future Feminine’ show in LA. ⠀

Read more on the site. 👀⠀

📷 @prue_stent and @honeylong

See how these photographers are ever-evolving the female gaze, in a new exhibition ‘Future Feminine’ that opened today in LA. ⠀

See more on the site 👀⠀

📷 @remyholwick

The future is feminine - and new LA exhibition ‘Future Feminine’ shows us how, with work from artists like @amanda_charchian freely taking on expressions of sexuality and power through their female lens. ✨⠀

📷 @amanda_charchian

“I’m just somebody that has always done really weird things. Everybody was like, ‘Why do you do ballet?’, and, ‘Why do you wanna sing opera?’, and like, ‘Why are you singing jazz with 80-year-olds? Why do you wanna do those things?!’”⠀

@fkatwigs from the archives on her birthday – happy birthday! 💫⠀

Photography @inezandvinoodh
Styling @karenclarkson
Interview @timnoakes

#FKAtwigs wears @viviennewestwood, @smithgrey, #PamelaLove

Taken from the summer 2014 issue of #Dazed

Our @huaweimobileuk #RevealTheRealYou competition winner @anthonyshintai Amao won with his photo story capturing the dancers of Break Mission, that give back to the homeless with every performance. ⠀

His ‘living gallery’ goes on show in Birmingham tomorrow. Head to the site to find out more, and stay tuned for our stories from the opening. 👀

Happy birthday Kate! 💫⠀

To celebrate, here’s some of the model’s Dazed covers - from her first in 1999 to our 25th anniversary cover in 2016. ⠀

Swipe to see ➡️⠀

1. Photography @rankinarchive
Styling @kegrand
Taken from issue 51 of #Dazed

2. Photography @venetialscott
Styling @venetialscott
Taken from the May 2007 issue of #Dazed

3. Photography @ethanjamesgreen
Styling @alistermackie
Taken from the autumn/winter 2016 issue of #Dazed

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