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Totally NOT nail related, but I picked up this book yesterday and I’m feeling really excited about doing the Whole30! (Even though deep down it is going to SUCK) Looking to change the way I think about food, see if I can live without certain foods- especially alcohol! 🥃🍻 and reset my body. June is currently crazy with semester ending at the END of the month- so this will definitely be a July Read to possibly start for month of August! #whole30

Feeling the pale type of colors lately... This is @orlynails “Power Pastel”

Man has it been a while... my nails are finally cooperating! 🙌🏽 Felt so nice and relaxing to just sit down, listen to music and paint my nails. Life has been crazy busy with work and grad school but hope to be able to still paint them occasionally (homework is killing me)!
Nail Deets:
@untcosmetics ”Peel off Basecoat”
@opi “Set apart by tile art”
• Flower Studs from Dollar Tree
@superchiclacquer “Liquid Macro Topcoat”

@essiepolish in “Stylenomics” a beautiful dark green- almost black polish.

How were my nails ever this long? I can’t catch a break! 😭😭 My nails keep breaking week after week after week... to the point where I’m contemplating getting an acrylic or gel overlay professionally done. 😫 I can’t with short, broken, naked nails anymore. #somethingsgottagive

I just can’t even 😍😍😍 This is @orlynails in “Velvet Kaleidoscope” from their Velvet Dream collection. This is 2 coats.

I’m back! With a Valentine’s Day Mani 💘 Using black of course! 🖤😂 Here I’m using @kissproducts Gel Strong nail polish, which I found at Dollar Tree! Great formula, opaque in 2 coats... gets a thumbs up from me! 👍🏽
Mani Details:
•Black polish @kissproducts “Express”
•White Polish @essence_cosmetics “Wild White Ways”
•Nail Sticker/Decal... 🤷🏽‍♀️ I picked it up at Walgreens last year
•Top Coat: @superchiclacquer “Liquid Macro Topcoat”

Looks like I forgot how to paint my nails. Look at those cuticles! 😱 Red nail polish is the devil! 😫 Luckily will only keep these for a couple days. Polish is from @orlynails “Just Bitten” from the Velvet Dream collection.

My Christmas mani! I’ve seen too many candy cane nails so I decided to switch it up and do some peppermint nails. Green polish is “Dress-Y” from @kissproducts which I picked up at Dollar Tree!

Peppermint nail details:
@essence_cosmetics in “Wild White Ways”
@deborahlippmann “It’s Raining Men”
@vinyl_boutique swirl vinyl? I don’t know what it’s called
Rhinestone from @bornprettystore

Keeping things neutral while nails still grow out. But they’re almost there! This is @orlynails in “Silken Quartz” I was skeptical of the color in the bottle, but I absolutely love it on my nails! This may be my go to nude! 💅🏽 First picture is shown under direct light and second picture is color in indirect light.

Preach!!!!! Nothing I love more than taking the time to sit down, relax and unwind from a hectic day. Painting my nails is my therapy. 💅🏽 #selflove

I’ve been having a nail identity crisis! Since the summer, I’ve been having trouble filing my nails perfectly square which led to uneven nails and not being able to paint them! So then I thought round/almond would work better and now I’m trying to grow my babies square again! #SquareNailsFoLife So anyways, my nails aren’t perfectly square just yet but I desperately wanted to paint them!
Here we have 2 coats of @salonperfect in “Birthmark Beauty” I think this a great nude for me while still providing a little bit of color. I love it! 💅🏽

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