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Diego Castillo  Living vicariously through myself. Musician/DJ/Radio Host/ Part owner of Sweet Ecstacy and everything else in between.

Back in the late 90s to early 2000s, long before Twitter, IG and Facebook, the only semblance of social media I knew were those long forgotten “Yahoo Groups” I used to join. I was a member of shitload of those, including one of my favorites The Indiepop list. I remember being subscribed to the digest version since my crappy dial-up connection would hang with the volume of emails members would post. And seeing that I may have been only one of a handful of subscribers who lived in Manila, the fury of activity usually happened reverse of our time zone. I would stay up till the wee hours of the morning learning new music, reading tour stories, music history and answering random questions posted like “Who’s the most underrated drummer?” (My answer was and prolly still is Steve Lodefink of The Incrdible Force of Junior) But my favorite was joining the monthly Mix Tape Club. A moderator would pair up people who wanted to join and in a month’s time, voila! You’d receive your mix tape! Those always made me very excited! Most had elaborate designs, stickers, drawings and sometimes notes on the songs. Always curated, telling you some sort of story. The really good ones, down to the perfect number of songs till the end of side A of a C-60. It was this way I discovered Ida. I wish I still remembered who sent it to me, but it was this song “Tellings” off the band’s 2nd album “I Know About You” that was on it. I was slayed. It was one of the most devastating songs about the loss of love I’ve ever heard. Ida went on to become of my favorite bands and in my opinion criminally underrated as well. I even got to see them live in NYC and met Dan Littleton who happens to be part Filipino. =) I learned a lot of great tunes from the IP mix tape club and had so much fun curating my own art of the mix. Even when CDs could already be burned, I still did cassettes, as were all of the more than 10 I would receive. Eventually I’d move to an apartment that had no Internet, (WHAT?) coupled with my email being hacked that I’d eventually lose track of all my Yahoo Groups. I do however still see most of them on Facebook. =) "What did you miss? In the telling of all of this?"

6'8 228lbs from Central Arkansas. #moreuptempo #flotg

Two boy Samba. #tbt at Tracks Studios 1998 recording our debut album Grip, Stand, Throw. It's so crazy to think that we'll be celebrating 20yrs next year! Crazier still is that Pavement shirt is still alive!

Element # 79 Au. #kickspotting #airmax97

#tbt Grip, Stand, Throw. Abaya, Dizon, Academia, Marasigan, Castillo.

May the force be with us.

Happy Birthday to the original Yas Kween, @raymsmercygun !!!

Good morning! In bloom! Despite the recent heat, glad to see some of the plants thriving. :)

Woohoo! @sweetxmanila's Steamed Cheeseburger was voted #1 on @spotph's Top 10 Cheeseburgers in Manila! Thank you guys! Pretty awesome that one of our secret menu items tops the list. :) You guys can read the complete list on Perhaps a good idea for grub this weekend? Head on over to our branches at 10 Jupiter St or at the 2nd floor of Uptown Parade BGC and try for yourselves why it's #1. :) Thanks again!

Can't sleep. I'm still reeling from the loss of Chris Cornell. I remember playing this song over and over again when my best friend and fellow Cornell fan from HS passed away in 96'. The track helped me get some semblance of closure, I mean not entirely, you can't really completely get over losing someone, especially so early in life... but it did help me with my grief for some strange reason. I don't need to tell you guys that Chris Cornell was one of those voices that comes around once in a generation and will be sorely missed.

Pedz & Diegz "Eat Your Sandwich with Teeth" old man Basketball Camp. 😂 @pedznarvaja

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