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Dax Justin  Canadian Explorer, Adventure Photographer, Contributor @cangeo, TEDx Speaker. Helly Hansen, KEEN, Revo, TRAK, Samsung. Mobile-Photo Workshop ↓

As Earth Day approaches I can't help but think of the ways nature has stopped me in my tracks. I bear-ly knew anything about habitats or ecosystems until I began to explore my home province and country 4 years ago! Now I feel like I BELONG, and have found purpose and meaning by reconnecting with the soil, or in this case the Canadian Taiga/Tundra! I feel a tangible connection to everything ALIVE and I can't ignore it. All I want is to celebrate #EarthDay2018 by honoring our environment and the future it will have if we work to protect it. 🌏

PSST! I'm also electrified with excitement because I get to meet National Geographic Photographer and Co-Founder of @sea_legacy, Cristina Mittermeier on #EarthDay this Sunday! I can't wait to meet this Defender of Nature. Dax, don't forget your tripod because you will not stop vibrating! Here's to a warm welcome to Calgary, @cristinamittermeier! 🤠🇨🇦 Photographed for Canadian Geographic in Churhill, Manitoba. @cangeo #sharecangeo #polarbear #turningthetide #nationalgeographic #thephotosociety #churchill #canada

Here's where I took the last photo I posted... Welcome to the Skyline Hut of Hudson Bay Mountain when @apreswheeler and I misplaced our matches and used friction and/or "creative" body heat to keep each other alive. 😂 Thanks for the photo, 'Wheels!

From the #SkiNorthBC Expedition in British Columbia last season with @hellobc @travelnorthernbc @snowseekers @smithersglad @hudsonbaymountain #explorebc #hellobc #beautifulbc #snowseekers #alpine #canada #bc #snow #hut

We took a snowcat up the mountain in the middle of the night. Arrived at the alpine hut on the peak at 5,413 ft. Freezing as an ice queens...nevermind. Couldn't wait to strike up a warm fire! Forgot the matches. Snuggled up real close to my expedition partner and now (really) good friend Chris Wheeler @apreswheeler. Peeled the frost off my eyelids hours later to witness this view. I live for this.

Photographed on Hudson Bay Mountain in Smithers, British Columbia on #SkiNorthBC Expedition with @hellobc @hudsonbaymountain @smithersglad @zenseekers #explorebc #explorecanada #canada #bc #zenseekers #hellobc #beautifulbc #sunrise

Temperature's high across the sky! Though I've always been a night owl I can't resist the burning alpenglow at sunrise... so I'm coming to pick you up at 3:00 am be ready please 🤠

#sharecangeo #canada #sunrise #thephotosociety

Me; semi-patiently waiting for Spring to show up in Alberta! More sun soon please.

Photographed in Churchill, Manitoba with Canadian Geographic. @cangeo #sharecangeo #polarbear #canada #churchill #thephotosociety

When people ask me what I dream about it goes a little something like this! 😍

Photographed from the window of a seaplane into the Great Bear Rainforest on assignment for Canadian Geographic. @cangeo #sharecangeo #cangeotravel @explorecanada #explorecanada @hellobc #explorebc @natgeo #natgeo #nationalgeographic @natgeocreative #natgeocreative @outsidemagazine #LiveBravely

IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm excited as hell to see and hear @cristinamittermeier speak at this April's @natgeo LIVE event in Calgary! Can't wait to feel the stories from her presentation entitled 'Standing at the Water's Edge' and this wink's for you @cristinamittermeier @paulnicklen and @sea_legacy Team! 😉

Is anyone else going to this event? Please join me at @yycarts on April 22 if you're around!

Photographed on assignment for @cangeo in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. 🇨🇦 #sharecangeo #TurningtheTide #natgeo #polarbear #wildlife #canada #wildlifephotography #conservation

Unexpected Navigators. One thing I haven't talked much about from my time in Churchill was how we located the polar bears out on the Hudson Bay Tundra/Taiga. After you gear up and set out in the morning you'll walk 5 minutes from Dymond Lake Lodge to a lookout point to spot polar bears at a safe distance with binoculars. Sometimes we'd walk 10 minutes and see bears nearby or approaching us, other times we walked 50 minutes with no sign of bears. When you don't see bears for a while you'll do anything to find them. It's all you care about in that moment. It's almost as if you go into a trance... Everything you see is pure white. Huge boulders all over the place start looking like bears laying down. At times we found ourselves using an unexpected helper to locate the bears...the Ptarmigan.

We came across these birds and it seemed like they always led us down trails to the polar bears. They had our backs. Birds of a feather! Feathers cover the ptarmigan’s legs and they grow a thick covering of rigid feathers over their toes for protection from the harsh climate. These feather-covered feet act like snowshoes, while their sharp, elongated claws are engineered for crossing icy terrain. Pure renegades. @cangeo @churchillwildsafaris #sharecangeo #churchillwildsafaris #churchill #bird #wildlifephotography #canada @natgeo #natgeo #nationalgeographic #wildlife

The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest remaining tracts of unspoiled temperate rainforest on Earth. I first saw this sacred place when our pilot hard-banked right and I was able to capture this top-down view of nearby coastal islands from our seaplane!

As my work expands I'm being drawn towards our oceans. Everything comes down to water. Being heavily inspired by the conservation efforts of @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier of @sea_legacy and @iantmcallister/@pacificwild makes me want to dive harder into protecting our natural oceanic ecosystems. #TurningtheTide

Photographed on assignment for Canadian Geographic in British Columbia, Canada. @cangeo #sharecangeo #cangeotravel #explorecanada #explorebc @natgeo #natgeo @natgeocreative #natgeocreative #nationalgeographic

"Reading between the lines" not only applies in literature but also art. This mountain isn't just a mountain - it's a monument of existence, shaped by pressure & time. Just like us. #feelsalive

@hellyhansen @keencanada @revo @trakkayaks @boulderoutdoorproducts @cangeo #sharecangeo #cangeotravel #explorecanada #explorebc @natgeo #nationalgeographic #natgeo @natgeocreative #natgeocreative

Photo inspired by the mighty @jimmy_chin who has consistently inspired me to "meet the mountain" in different ways.

Welcome to the Grotto! Here's another view of the Grotto Pool, 177 ft. deep into the Rat's Nest Cave within Grotto Mountain in Canmore, Alberta. You'll reach this sacred room after a couple 'squeezes' and a 60-foot rappell into the dark...into a place that hasn't seen natural sunlight in 750,000 years. Reaching this room will be a climax of your adventure into the cave. Your hand will glide across ribbed, sparkling formations you've never felt before. It feels alien. The cave is sweating as moisture fills your lungs. This place is alive and that hits you on several sensory levels. When you're down in the Grotto I encourage everyone to sit down for a moment and stay still. Kill your headlamps. Listen to the droplets of water descending all around you...the cave will speak to you.

A 'Signature Canadian Experience' as designated by Destination Canada (@explorecanada), this experience is only 45min from Calgary! The cave is always 5°C and is open for year-round adventure, facilitated by the team at @canmorecavetours. Heavily driven by you on this one, Robbie! ✊ @shonephoto #nationalgeographic @natgeo #natgeo @natgeocreative #natgeocreative #explorealberta #travelalberta #canmore #spelunking #cave #explorecanada #canada @hellyhansen

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