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First day vibez
Photo @jon_cardwell

Spent valentines at @tensionclimbing fuckin my body up (and not in that good feelin kind of way). I have a love hate relationship with training... now for 3 months in spain 🙌.. peace out CO it’s been real
Photo @greg_mionske

Finally, my gym days are coming to an end. The month of Jan. was dedicated to getting as much resistance as possible before spending 3 months climbing outside in Spain. The @4arm_strong device hooked it up with keeping my forearms and elbows at 💯. It was cool to see how far I could push myself without worry of injury. Many other factors such as diet, hydration, and sleep aid in optimal performance, but the @4arm_strong was my main go to device for forearm recovery. Now let’s see if I can just stay mentally strong 😂. Video edit @jon_cardwell

Session 2 down... @hunterdamianiart specialty is 💀. I hit him up a year ago to do this piece and just now am getting it done. Had to be persistent to get him motivated, but once motivated he gets in that HD vision zone. He drew a basic outline with marker then went full freestyle with the ink. Still have 2 sessions left but this is what’s been done so far. fuckin stoked

Another ABS nationals down. This time I was able to make semis, but made a couple mistakes that cost me some crucial points to get into finals. It’s funny going from winning 9 of these events, to not even making finals 2 years in a row. Things have changed. New holds, new volumes, new way of setting, new competitors. The solution to success in these events is adapting to what’s presented. Excited to try again next year with a different approach... for now though 3 months in Spain is on my mind 🙌💯. Photo @matthewhulet

Putting in hours, torturing body/mind, building muscle/technique, entering beastmode... war ready
Photo @honngy

Goin to the death on this one. Made the FA of ‘Nomadic Freaks’ (8c+/14c) yesterday at the nomad cave in clear creek. Line starts off doing ‘the wheel of fortune’ (8B/v13) to a good rest, then climbs ‘Jump’ (8b/13d). The last move on jump is a wild throw to an aggressive full pad edge. feeling that power and resistance starting to creep back in 🔥💯
Photo @jon_cardwell

La Plancha (v14/8B+) vid is live. Link is above 🔝in my profile. fun times in the woods 😁
Photo @alex_simone88

wanted to see where I was at power wise today, so decided to test out my problem from the @moonclimbing masters event back in dec. I blew out my right forearm (felt like I was perma pumped and could not properly grip into any hold) before the comp and overall was in pathetic shape. During the event I couldn’t even get off the ground, so it was a good feeling to see my gains today... 3 more weeks left of training then off to Spain for 3 months 🙌

Hiked up yesterday in the freezing cold (30F or -1C) with a 10 mph (16km) wind to finish off “la plancha” (8B+, v14). Body felt paralyzed from the cold and 5 previous hard training sessions. I wanted the line in my head but my body felt fucked. @matt_fultz fired the rig on the quick in a puffy, sparking some inspiration. I gave the stand a few goes but couldn’t do the last move dyno. My confidence dwindled as I sat with a blank stare, internally cursing myself. Then I realized it was all in my head, erased the feeling of cold and fatigue, and sent the line. Felt good to climb a hard boulder again and rise above a bleak situation.
video screen grab: @alex_simone88

gettin psyched to head back up to “la plancha” (8B+)(v14) tomorrow. This is a new line in the flatties FA’d by @paulrobinson87 but found and cleaned by @tchadx n @fausey. Here is a clip of me doing the last two hard moves (my crux). I have to get this intense left leg drop knee, glide up the wall with my left hand, and jump out of the drop knee last second to catch a poor left hand sloper. Pretty dope move
vid @alex_simone88

Stoked to be partnering with @4arm_strong and repping their device. It is modeled after ART (Active Release Techniques) tissue therapy. This helps aid in reducing arm pump, increase grip strength, and recover faster from activity. I have been having issues with elbow tendinitis. This device has helped relieve that, allowing me to climb/train more often. Body maintenance is crucial for getting stronger in a healthy/injury free way. Link to @4arm_strong is in my bio 🔝if you are interested in learning more about the device and getting one for yourself.
Photo @alex_simone88

Soooo 2k17 was my worst year to date. Year started off with being an idiot and getting a dui followed by a divorce followed by an mcl injury. karma was not on my side to say the least. I believe that things happen for a reason in ones life whether it has a positive or negative outcome. Luck was on my side for many years, so it was time for me to be tested. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions that at times I fully did not understand. My darkside was present and I had not faced it before. I grew further from my true identity and let the film of black cover my eyes. I did not feel love anymore, just resentment and hate. Confused with how to get out of this state of mind I began to worry if this feeling was forever. It wasn’t though, I just had to start with feeling love from within again. We all have the power to do incredible things in this life. We all have both light and dark sides in us. without loving ourselves first it is impossible to go out and show people our true self. Out of all the hard ascents that I’ve climbed during this lifetime and comps that I’ve won, this year has been my greatest feat so far. I’ve learned to take control back of my head and to feel love again. So fuck you 2k17 but also thank you 🙏 for putting me to the test so I can enter 2k18 as my true self. wish everyone out there a happy new year and positive vibez going into next year 🙌

Ridin that “Teahupoo” (v12) wave out at Black Mountain yesterday. Thing has vicious incut crimps, but climbs well and looks even better.
Photo @matthewhulet... continuing that sun flare theme 🌞

Back in October I made the 2nd ascent of @dave_graham_ “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” (v13/14) in Shadow Canyon, CO. Check out the vid (link in profile 🔝) that @jon_cardwell made of the send. @evolv_worldwide

Wild style... gettin some airtime on the J-tree classic Planet X (v6)... this line has a sick all points off dyno at 15ft. Def a stiff one for the grade.
Photo @matthewhulet

Brooklyn...wine...snow...rooftop vibez with @mikecall
Photo @boonespeed 🙌

Check out @paulrobinson87 and @punkaca vid of our quick hit to joes last week on his YouTube channel. Climbs featured are Slam Dunk (v11), Barely Legal (v11), Black #1 (v11/12), Pagan Poetry (v11), and Zoolander (v12 FA by Paul). Stoked to get back there next week!

Moonboard masters is an hour out... tune in at the link in my profile to watch some of the best boulderers go at it on @moonclimbing new hold set for the iconic moonboard. Last night we each set a test piece for each other to try... should be a good time. Thanks to @thecliffslic for hosting us and the event for the N.A. side of things. Photo @boonespeed

back in joes after taking a 7 year break from it. Forgot how good the sandstone is... had a nice intro day by doin Death Scream v10 flash, Slam Dunk v11, Barely Legal v11, and Black #1 v11. few more days left 🙌💯
Photo @paulrobinson87

Happy thanksgivin everyone... thankful for rox to climb and friends to enjoy the experience with. Hope everyone has a great food day 😳
Photo @alexaristei

Sent @dave_graham_ new addition in shadow canyon “Beyond the Wall of Sleep” (8B/+). Def one of the best blocs in CO. Powerful climbing on bullet slopers leads to a techy bulge encounter at 15 feet, followed by a nice jaunt to the top of this 30 foot bloc. Feels good to be climbing hard again after being sidelined. Now off to the New River Gorge to sample some grade A sandstone 🙌👌. Vid of the send coming soon.
Photo @tchadx

Good times in the blocs yesterday... @dave_graham_ took down the shadow canyon proj 🙌 💯... this thing is a stunna! Hard 8B easy 8B+??? Come and try. Stoked to return and finish it up.
Photo @tchadx

Unfortunately the alpine just got slammed with snow so gonna have to wait for the box proj until next year... luckily we have this new beast to session on... hands down the best hard rig on the front range... 35 footer with some moves at the top.. time to get scared 🤡
Photo @fausey

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