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Dawn  Oh geeze.

A new week! (Can you tell I've already had coffee?) Also, I slept (mostly) 8 hours. And had a super productive, but also super fun weekend. The one thing that I did NOT get is time to write. Which, for me, is necessary. Like air. Too long without writing, and I start to go a little crazy. My Mondays are way busy. They are also the days I most often feel this need to write, so I always end up going through the day with my brain a bit scrambled. Here's hoping I can snag a 15 minute writing break at least. #somethingisbetterthannothing #writersareweird #mondays

Ok! There it is. The One Last Time shelf. Some of these we haven't read yet. Some we read a long time ago. The plan is to read them once before we decide if they get to stay or if we donate them (or tuck them into one of the free little libraries in the neighborhood.) πŸ“š
The stack that is already headed out the door is even bigger. Feeling lighter already! Next up: Non-fiction, which takes up waaaaaaaay more shelf space than our fiction does.

Finally konmari-ing our books. 😰 Fiction sort today. The stack in the foreground is of books we are getting rid of, but want to read "one last time". #lettinggoishard #bookwormproblems πŸ“š
But between those and the ones we are already parting with, we cut our fiction collection by more than half. Go us! Now we just need a real plan to ensure that we do go through our "read one more time" stack.

His Nerd Heart is positively glowing! He just got his first kindle, and is now gleefully reading through _The Complete Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post Nicene Collection of Church Fathers_. "They estimate that this will take 710 hours to read!" "This is the equivalent of four feet of books!" My philosopher, scientist, historian, theologian. Nerd. I love him. πŸ’–

First pass at culling the closet! Have wanted to do a capsule/French wardrobe for awhile, and have spent a couple years thinking about my style and my plan. πŸ‘—
I want fewer items of better quality that I love and feel good in. I want simplicity. I just don't want to have to think about my clothes so much. I'd rather do other things with my time. And don't get me started on rampant consumerism or the ethics of clothing. Gah!πŸ‘š
So here is a pile of things that are worn out, or don't fit, or don't look good on me, that I don't love, or I just don't wear. Will pitch more once I find (or have made) replacement items that fit my plan. πŸ‘–
My hope is that soon, I will have a beautiful, simple wardrobe that makes me happy. Love this quote from @dailyconnoisseur "I can respect myself enough to present myself beautifully at all times."

Ha! Lacey Curtains snagged her apple slice before I could get her picture. Shanah Tova, folks. #happynewyear

Took a sleeping pill and an Ibuprofen before bed last night. Rigged up a complex pillow system that allowed me to sleep on my stomach and not my side. Slept pretty well and woke up without pain for the first time in a long time. πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
With all my extra energy this morning, I will bang through a list of things that keep getting pushed off all the lists. Like, plan our first ever Michaelmas/Equinox dinner. πŸ‚β˜•πŸƒπŸŽπŸπŸŒ»πŸ˜

Someone is watching the crows very intently this morning. The air is cool and breezy and full of crow sounds. The squirrels are busy gathering the last of the year's goodies, and one just threw a pine cone down. LC's favorite! She ran to grab it immediately and is now alternating between checking on it and checking on the crows. Busy girl.
Three fourths of the way into September, I'm finally into my fall rhythms. It is hard to buckle down with routines when it is still a thousand degrees and everything is on fire. But this cool, crisp morning I have a bowl of apples and a jar of sunflowers on my counter. The dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer are humming productively. The floor is swept. The chicken is thawing on the drainboard. We are doing this people!

Aftermath. We have the best people. This weekend, two sets of friends helped us work on our fence, despite having full schedules and better, more fun things to do. Grateful for Bill, Julian, Chamberlain, Lea, @missrackl and @riversidex1. Now: donut, documentary, and dayplanner.

Sad dog. There are three balls in play, but Molly only wants the one that Lacey has. It is her Favorite ball. It is the Best ball. This is the worst. #mollsballzandLC #bestbuds #lifeishard #itsadogslife #sactowndogs

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