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Dawn  Oh geeze.

Also, anyone know what kind of tree/bush this is? It smells lovely and it is FULL of bees and butterflies. It seems like a bush that has grown up to tree size. Good pollenator attractor. #ineedtolearnaboutplants

Lacey Curtains has been barking at and stalking that dead tree in the distance for 15 minutes. #sheknowssomethingidontknow #cattledogs #australianshepherds #bordercollies #sactowndogs #itsadogslife

Do your yourself a favor. Go to #traderjoes and get their raspberry goat cheese, their graham crackers, and some raspberries. Bonus points if you have chocolate syrup. #tasteslikecheesecake #w00t

Triple digits for several days means Lacey Curtains needs to escape to the sea. A hike, a rare clear June day, a lounge on the beach, and dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Perfect California day! Now she's sleeping under the table as I enjoy my SECOND margarita. My man is looking for hotel rooms. We don't often get to be spontaneous. Feeling very thankful and amazed and that isnt just the Cabo Wabo talkin' cheers! #sactowndogs #cattledogs #australianshepherds #bordercollies #herdingdogs #heatwave

Summer dress from my mom's stash. ❤

New curtains. Messy counters. I could have waited to take the picture, or shoved everything out of the way to "stage" the photo. But that's fake news. And I was excited to show you my curtains. (Remember when it was just a plastic table cloth taped up with various colored tape? This is better!) I admit, I was tempted to tidy up first. The curtains are, after all, the thing I want you to focus on. But screw that noise! More than a "curated" life, I want a real life. When things are too perfect, I get stressed. I will clean my house later. Right now I have a little dog that wants to play with me and a garden that wants watering. Cheers! #gingham #curated #fakenews #screwthatnoise #reallife #mess #whatevs

Last night, Wonder Woman charged ferociously across No Man's Land into battle. Today, I am sewing curtains. Same same. (Well, we do both wear skorts to work.) Seriously though. That movie was great! Some very powerful imagery. I may have to (gasp) blog again just to talk about it. After sewing my curtains, though. #wonderwoman #badass #sewing #skort #yeah #fistpump


Doggie play date with LC and Noodle. #superhappyfuntimes #ball #sactowndogs #itsadogslife #herdingdogs

Somebody worked so hard at the dog park! Hurry up with that water, man! #tongueouttuesday #herdingdog #werk #sactowndogs #itsadogslife #cattledogs #australianshepherds #bordercollies

So. It is basically March 2.0 around here. Cold and cloudy. There is snow in the mountains. Wha?? Finally set up a little bucket to collect coffee grounds for the roses and hydrangeas etc. This is big. It means we are far enough along in sorting out our yard that we actually can attend to our flowering bushes like gardeners and not just frantically keep them from frying. Moving out of survival mode is good.

This Sunday featured sleeping in. And not one, but TWO brunches. How did that happen? And gorgeous, moody skies. And rain. And a lovely walk along the muddy banks of a still-swollen river. And a nap! And reading. And playing in the garden with our cute dog. It's like an endless day of delights. We are the luckiest of ducks! #sundayvibes

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