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Dawn  Oh geeze.

It's like an addiction. But hey, man, the orange ones are finally blooming. #tiny #tinybouquet

Purple tulips. For Lent. It has been a weird Lent this year. We are in a very intense season in our home life that requires all our focus and energy. We don't have a lot of bandwidth for fasting or doing fancy devotionals. We dont have bandwidth for much beyond keeping the house running, the client happy, and the dogs attended to. We can't really go out. We can't have people over. Just hunkered down, takin' care of business. Not an intentional fast, but a necessary one. And I am definitely learning a lot about my soul during all this, so I suppose Lent is happening for me, even though I am guzzling chocolate and bingewatching Netflix. The Work is happening. Meanwhile ima make a grocery run for more tulips and chocolate chips. #oraetlabora #itssimplytuesday

More tiny bouquets. #tiny #tinybouquet

Monday, darlings. We can do this.

This is a HAPPY cattledog. Took her On a little adventure by the river today and she spent a good 2 minutes rolling around in something awful. Dead animal carcass? Raw sewage? Who knows! Either way she is #stoked ! Gonna have to harsh some of her joy by giving her a bath but for now it's pure delight. Been a rough few months at our house and it's good to see our silly girl having a good day. #cattledogs #sactowndogs #itsadogslife

We survived. Yay! High fives all around, guys! 2,000 Grown Up Points each of us! As for me, Facebook hurt my feelings earlier, so I'm taking a bath with chamomile tea and Peter Mayle. Stories of Provence and epsom salts for the win! #bookstagram #grownuppoints #highfive

Haven't been to this park in awhile bc of the mud. For lunch we grabbed a pink ball and a chuck it. After one throw Lacey came back without her ball. Where is it? I helped her look around the base of a large pine tree. And discovered that she'd plopped it into this box of balls set out in memory of Tucker. Like a doggie version of pourin' one out for the homies who have gone before. #sactowndogs #cattledogs #itsadogslife #tucker #homies

I am dressed. The bed is made. And if I keep my back to the kitchen the house is straight. My man is off, and the dogs are pottied, fed, swapped, and sleeping. I have breakfast and a fresh pot of tea, and it is only 8:30. This could all fall apart at any moment but for now I will savor this miracle of calm. I have so much work to do today, but ima take a minute. #amen

Ok. Last one. #tiny #tinybouquet

Here's another one. The blue ones are my favorite, but it was hard getting them home in one piece while wrangling a dog. #tiny #tinybouquet

Sometimes I like to make tiny bouquets. #tiny

My friend's son Josh used to call these popcorn trees. So now I do. How many little everyday things have I gathered into my life from someone I know? The things I eat. The soap I use. Words. Traditions. Like how every spring I celebrate the blooming of the popcorn trees. #itssimplytuesday

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