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I totally expected to be under-whelmed. I was sooo wrong! #bestcupcakeever Thank you #georgetowncupcakes for the best cupcake I have ever had!!! #lemonblueberry

The Book of Mormon teaches us that America is the promised land. The more I learn about George Washington, the more convinced I am that this is true. Heavenly Father placed him in a position to lead this country. I believe that he was blessed and protected because he was humble and acted with integrity. God's hand is the only explanation to the many miracles that led to this amazing country we live in! I am so proud to be an American!! (This picture is the pre-sweat fest that was today... totally worth it!!) #psilovethislady

Now that is how you start a vacation day!! #stevenpetersonfamilyreunion2017 #willardbay

#Lagoon with some of my favorite peeps!!

#volcanopoppingcandy Whyyyy??? How could you torture me like this? I was all excited for a fun STRAWBERRY treat at #Hanalei and all I got was green apple! My life is over! Not really, but I am bummed - I no like the green apple. #firstworldproblems #familyfoodhawaii

It's officially summer. #HarryPotterMarathon complete! ✅It did take us two days but we made it through six yesterday! Maci and Lane are hard core!!

Not only do I have the perfect dad for me, I have the perfect husband for me. We are about as yin and yang as it gets. How blessed I am to have a Gryffindor to balance out my Slytherin! I love you Jeffy Baby! I truly am the luckiest girl in the world!

☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼This guy, right here, he's amazing! In his presence, I find my center. He holds me back from stupid decisions and has nudged me (sometimes firmly) into making some of the best decisions of my life. I know that most girls think that their daddy is the best but I can tell you 100% that my daddy is the best for me!!

Six and a half years ago, I sat in the Celestial room of the Laie Temple with my barely 12 year old son, Jeffrey, for the temple re-dedication. I remember thinking it would be over six years before I was in the Celestial Room with him again. It seemed like such a long time. Well, that 6 and a half years went by in the blink of an eye. Jeffrey received his endowment tonight as he prepares to serve a mission for our church. I am so proud of this handsome young man!!! I love you Jeffy Baby Jr. !!! #australiasydneynorthmission

While you listen to this random video of steak sizzling (I must be ready for lunch!) I need to vent... I have tried really hard to teach my kids - in a loving way - that life just isn't fair. I believe that the sooner we figure that out, the easier it is to deal with the giant injustice that is our society and our world. Why do some kids starve when I have more than enough to eat? Why do my friends get all the toys and gadgets for free that I have to work and save for? What do I have to try so much harder to get a B than my brother does to get an A? You get the idea... On the other hand, my mom works so hard to make sure that everything for her grandkids is fair, if one kid gets a $10 gift and one gets a $9 gift, she adds a candy bar to make it fair. But she has to make it a king size because she had to add a regular size to the first gift so they both get a candy bar too. Which is great! Don't get me wrong, they feel so loved and safe with her because she has always worked so hard to be fair and to keep her word. Unfortunately, that's not how the rest of the world or life works. It doesn't even out. The scales of justice aren't balanced. The black kid in an inner city neighborhood doesn't have the same opportunities that my white kid (SO white kid) has, even though the politicians and government say they do if they just try harder. It sucks, I know. I tried to prepare my kids for all of that. I tried to teach them that in spite of the unfairness and the injustice that Heavenly Father loves us. That He truly does have a plan for us, different plans for each of us with the same end goal. That even though we can't see his whole plan and understand the subtleties and complexities of universe upon universe of children whom He LOVES, children He is trying desperately to bring home to bless with all that He has... He love us. He really is weaving and preparing a way for us to be happy. He sent his son to die and be resurrected so that I can be with my family forever. ❤️ Even knowing all of that, even trying for 18 years to teach this concept to my children, I just want to curl up under my cover with my thumb in my mouth and sob, "it's just NOT FAIR!" #cancersucks

I figured out today why I love quilting so much... I can't control anything in my life. My kids are growing up, my mom has cancer, I am not happy with the way I look, my house is ALWAYS a mess, my Best Friend's flight was cancelled today, I'm late for almost everything and I forget everything else. BUT I can make those dad-gum little pieces of fabric do EXACTLY what I want them to and if they don't, I slash them into something else. Then when I'm done cutting and re-sewing all those bits of fabric into something beautiful, it wraps me in a hug and tells me that everything is going to be okay because my husband and my parents and my children and my brothers and my family and friends love me and everything is going to be okay. Even if it's not what I originally had in mind. I love quilting!! #msqcshowandtell #bargelloquilts #twistandturnbargelloquilts #discountfabricwarehouse #deanthebarbarian

This kid! I love you so much! My 💗is full! Australia is one lucky place. #imsuchaluckymom #jeffybabyjr

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