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Dawn ☀  Just a girl with a camera & a very patient Rat Terrier who tolerates it all. 💕🐾


Lazy Sunday evening. Daylight saving messed with her, she went to bed an hour early. Technically her normal bedtime. 😴

Brunch...it does a body good. 😜

♥️Love this so much. At a local coffee shop and they make the best kale salad ever! #payitforward #randomactsofkindness

Happy hour is the best hour when spent with those you love. Cari has been one of my closest friends for over 22 years. Cherish those friendships. #friendship

One more donation and I get my 5 gallon pin! Whoo hoo..... So here goes my plug to try and convince you all to go donate if you can. You can save 3 lives, feel good about what you did and get cookies 🍪 🍪🍪 #bloodworksnorthwest Making little animals with your squeezey ball and glove is an added bonus. 🐰

For anyone curious about IPL - highly highly recommend!!! Zero foundation in this photo. Best thing I've ever spent $ on. 🤑

Happy New Year! 🐾 #zoeydog12

Today is Rocky's birthday. Born 12/30/96.
Damn I loved this dog. Happy Birthday pumpkin head. ❤🐾🌈 #rockydog96 #alldogsgotoheaven

Merry Happy Christmas! 🎅🏻🐾 #zoeydog12

This was the level of cooperation I received while trying to get a shot of her in the snow. The only other time she stopped moving was to take a tinkle. #zoeydog12

I couldn't help myself, had to find out what I was squeezing since it's usually round. Nice little #cornonthecob🌽
Time to motivate you to go donate blood. You can save up to THREE lives, that's huge people! It takes so little time to save a life.
Need some motivation? Please check out @kelly.ronahan and discover how your simple act of kindness (tis the season) can help someone in need. ❤️ #bloodworksnorthwest

These two weren't the friendliest, but with treats and group effort we got a shot. Min Pin/Chihuahua & an itty bitty Min Pin. #zoeydog12

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