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Dawg fights  Watch 11 bare knuckle fight for free. FOLLOW DADA5000 @therealdada5000


Tune in Tomorrow at 9pm to Another Exciting Episode of the Hit Pod Cast Show!! "WHO'S YOUR DADA " Live on Facebook @THEREALDADA5000 Absolutely the best show of its Kind On line!! So Tune in as we Toss some Words with Our Special Guest the Highly-rated and Talented Artist @whoisvers will be live on set with me and my Co-host @Enmely05 So Tune in tomorrow at 9 as we go live!!! And if you have any Questions for the host co-host or guests please Email them to (who'syourdadaaa@gmail.com) or call in Live at 7864291549 and we will Direct your call. This is what i Do!!! #DADA5OOO #100FAILPROOF

@therealdada5000 Tune in Each and Every Thursday 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern to "WHO'S YOUR DADA" it's a Dope Show with an Awesome Concept of Extreme Reality! With a 10 min segment of Rapid fire! Which is Questions from you the fans, critics, will shoot off rapid Questions for Me the Host or the Guest! Tune in this Thursday! To "THEREALDADA5000" fan Page on Facebook live. Also visit www.dada5000.com and stay informed!


Look into the Eyes!! The Eyes Never Lie!!! And to those of you who really Know me knew when i stepped in that Cage that Friday night when you looked in my eyes!!! you knew Something just wasn't Right. I was 2 BIG, 2 STRONG, (2 SMART) and Hit 2 HARD!!! SO To Beat Me You got to Cheat me!!! And It Cost me my life but I give GOD All the Glory for my Survival on that ordeal that night By Bringing me back to life! NOT JUST ONCE BUT TWICE!!! (BUT) Stay tuned and Watch The highly anticipated Doc! DawgFight Round 2 for the Shocking truth!!!! Coming Soon World Wide to Netflix ect. Hands Down it will be the Best Documentary Ever in the World of its Kind Produced and Directed by @billycorben and the Great team over at @Rakontur. And im STILL UNDEFEATED for those of you who didn't know!!!

DADA5000! Back at it ..... put in Work and Do Numbers! DAWGFIGHT ROUND 2 is going to be Most Incredible!
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Stay tuned #dawgfight #round2 is in the making. Trust us it's going to be out of this world. Watch #battleship1 go to www.bybextreme.com and watch 11 #bareknuckle #fights for #free

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