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When you open your fast you say... #LetTheSunnahGoForth (the Arabic and English are on the previous posts)

This is the most authentic du’a for opening the fast... watch the video on the next post to understand lool

Inshaa’Allah this is on tomorrow sisters!!!!! Make sure you bring your non practising friends and family this is the perfect environment for them to start practising inshaa’Allah

Guyyyyys don’t miss TODAY... iftar is gunna be sick as well when we serve the food inshaa’Allah!!! Something special for the Mandem inshaa’Allah!!!

Time for ‘Mad Ting In The Masjid’ ... Brothers: 7pm-9pm EVERY Saturday
Sisters: 1.30pm-3.30pm EVERY Sunday
Masjid an-Noor
58-70 Church Road, Acton, London
W3 8PP

What time should you eat suhoor/sehri?

Guys @sunnahmatch has an exclusive price drop offer for their marriage service right now ... the offer and service will close after midnight!!! Go over to the link in the bio of @sunnahmatch and register now inshaa’Allah if you are interested in marriage they have a solid database of brothers and sisters for you to look through and hopefully find your one inshaa’Allah

This is gunna be an epic Ramadan! Who’s coming inshaa’Allah...?

With my young brother... I love you ak ❤️ (who is he?) lol

This is why you guys need to study Arabic ... coz this is a BENEFIT!!!

Alhamdulillah ... got my certificate from @al.madrasatu.al.umariyyah from Ustadh Abdul Rahman Hassan just now after completing the fasting course ... ❤️

We arranged it for the sisters FINALLY!!! This is a program we designed for non practising youth... Allah made it a HUGE success amongst the brothers so far and we are hoping we can do the same for the sisters ... there is practically NOTHING for a fully non practising crowd ... so sisters please bring your friends and family so they can benefit inshaa’Allah... brothers selling drugs on the steers have changed there lives from selling drugs to seeking knowledge... hopefully sisters can do the same!!! Spread the word like MAD!!! ... for more info DM @knowledgecollege_events

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