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Don’t miss this tomorrow Sisters!!!

Don’t forget this weekend guys! Plus there will be pizza for brothers and sisters as well ... brothers today and sisters tomorrow inshaa’Allah 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕 🍕

Knowledge 📚 vs Food 🥘?

The Right Age To Get Married?

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Allah heard the women... Watch the full video from the link in my bio

What did you do when they were insulting the Prophet’s ﷺ wife??? ... ————————————————————————
Here’s a rough translation:

O people of Tahweed! O my Sunnis! I am showing you this clip to wake you up! That today, kufr has reached such a high level. In their prayers they are cursing Abu Bakr, they are cursing Uthman, Umar, Hafsa, and the wives of the Prophetﷺ! What are we going to do to stop this kufr? What answer will you give, if on the Day of Judgement Abu Bakr asks you, Umar, Uthman, A’isha that you claimed to love us! You claimed that Ahlu Sunnah had love for the Sahaba! When they were cursing us in their prayers, what were you doing?!

Message to all boyfriends and girlfriends
P.s zina means... fornication!
PPS. Love to my brother Hussain @streetordeen for this thought provoking post

The ONLY way to follow the Messenger ﷺ ...

A hadith of hope for all of us sinners ❤️

Is Your Criteria Realistic? || #RelationshipGoals

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Giving £10k away...

Battle Of Uhud: Importance Of The Sunnah!
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