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GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS ABOUT YEMEN!!! WARNING ⚠️ GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! Watch the full video from the link in my bio


Do you commit major sins?

What about minor sins?

Take heed!

Help A Brother Out!

How to love your wife the right way... ❤️ Btw the examples I was giving in the video saying ‘I ... I ... I’ ... I was giving the example of others whilst speaking in the first person ... it’s not about me looool ... it might not be so clear in this little clip but it’s clearer on the longer video on my channel lol alhamdulillah
A sister emailed in feeling neglected by her husband... I thought this is an important issue to deal with since so many marriages are either breaking down or struggling due to couples not understanding how their spouse wishes to give and receive love ... clarity on this can save the marriage inshaa’Allah
Watch the full video from the link in my bio

The Root Cause Of Beef!

NOTE: When I said assumption is the root cause that is dividing the Muslims... I’m talking about division between Muslims on the Sunnah and them having problems with one another... but in terms of the Muslim ummah (those on the Sunnah and those not) then the foundation that is dividing the ummah is bid’ah...!!!

She dumped her boyfriend after this!!! Go now to the link in my bio and watch full video and pass it around the sisters

Replace your phone with the Qur’an and you might become a haafizh one day... BarakAllahu feek to Ustadh @abutaymiyyahmj for sharing

The biggest one we done yet inshaa’Allah... A BAG OF MAN ... DEEP is how we rolling inshaa’Allah ... say Allahummabarik!!!

Refuting The Shi’a At Uhud

If you want to watch the full video go to YouTube channel Naseeha Session .... If you want to join us on the next umrah trip go now to the link in my bio!!!

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There is currently no other trip out there like this! The whole experience is TAILOR MADE for sisters with NO BROTHERS except for those who have to be there as mahrams for their sisters.

If you want to reconnect with your deen, build life-long friendships with sisters on the SAME journey as you, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey this trip will change your life with the permission of Allah!

You have female students of knowledge with Umrah, Dawah & teaching experience accompanying you every step of the way for a truly unique first of its kind experience!! Call us now to find out more on 07852 541249!!! SPACES ARE LIMITED!


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