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Davy Greenberg  Logged off May 15-June 14 🙏🏼🕌 Co-creator of my own existence. Los Angeles. #OptOutside #BLM #filmisnotdead @davyfilm

I need a spiritual shift. I need a long moment to myself, to gather my thoughts, ground my feet and right my motives.
My brother Sulaiman suggested that maybe we all need a little Ramadan, and he might be right. So in solidarity with all my amazing Muslim friends, and in a stance against our current administration, I’m going to be doing my best to observe Ramadan along with the hundreds of millions participating around the world.
I’m not trying to appropriate anyone’s culture, rather, I’m using this month to not only focus on my spiritual health, but as an opportunity to learn more about an already beautiful religion.
With all that being said, I need some help. Those who do observe, how do you manage your fasting? What do you eat to get you through the day and how hard do you push yourself? I have a 4 road trip planned that I’m sure I’ll need sustenance for; suggestions?
Along with fasting from sunrise to sunset, I’m going to be disconnecting from the things that have a negative effect on my life as much as possible and that includes social media. I’ll be on here to post work related things as they arise but only if necessary.
Looking forward to your suggestions and see you all in a month! 🙏🏼 #ramadanmubarak

Our mom is better than yours. Sorry not sorry.

And we’re back in action! Pumped to kick off another season with the @la_sparks

Slidin’ into 32 with all my GLO intact! As I start my 33rd revolution around the sun, I’m continually amazed at my capacity to be grateful even while in a dark place. Every time I think it’s getting too hard, more is revealed and my life opens up again. As long as I continue to remember, even in hard times, that it always passes, my life will continue to grow. This year I’m going to focus on career choices that bring me closer to my values and what I love. Am I passionate about what I’m doing? How can I tell a story? How can I connect with a stranger? This year I will practice passion, empathy and patience, I will be quick to say I’m sorry when I’m wrong and I’ll stop apologizing when I’m asking for what I need. I love you.

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Missing India immensely today; waking up everyday to a new adventure full of color and unreal food and all the people. ✨

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It’s the weekend 🤗

Lots of free time next week. We shootin’? 📸

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