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Laura Davis  In love with my God and living life to the fullest! #gonoles

Everyone has played today.... #bestweekever

Oysters = Beach Trip Staple

Sweetest welcome EVER! #bestweekever

So thankful for these girls and that they like to have some summer fun! #circlesarebetterthanrows #rccswitch

Today was a good, good day. I felt so loved and special and happy all rolled into one. I feel this most days but today was EXTRA full! I'm so thankful to work with such amazing people, have such amazing family and have incredible friends who are like family. #heresto34

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I remember getting to meet you for the first time....and wow what a 31 years it has been! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEIL! And to many more!

What do you do when a giant monsoon occurs when you are literally on the other side of the park? Take a nice leisurely stroll, get soaked and grab a drink. #allsmiles

Girls trip to Disney! Nichole may or may not have been super excited. #lovethegrandfloridian #loveagoodturndownservice We miss you @meesha_xoxo!!

I never could have imagined a group of crazy, hormonal eighth grade girls could be such fun to laugh with and cry with and do life with. Girls, you've taught me so much this past year and I already miss you with your summer off! And to the girls that couldn't be there for our hide and go seek event- we missed you!

Dear @hobbylobby -
I drove over an hour to this Panama City location today to buy a mirror. I purchased several other items and sometime after leaving the store, I realized the mirror was broken. It was a large spot and I know it wasn't there when I left the store. I called the store to inquire about a local company I could hire to fix the mirror and spoke to the store manager, Ben. He listened to my concern and told me to return to the store for a replacement mirror. I argued with him because this was my fault, not his or his store's. He replied "No, please. Let us make this right." And they did. Quickly and easily with a smile. @hobbylobby the kindness of this store manager (Ben) blew me away. I have loved your stores for a long time, but this store in particular has me now as a loyal customer. Finding someone that cared for customers this way was not only refreshing but oh, so appreciated. #thankyouben #ilovehobbylobby

I had a good friend remind me today that you can't ask others to do favors for you and change plans at the drop of a hat, etc and then expect them to cater to you. You must SHOW respect to EARN respect. #sotrue

To Kill a Mockingbird in Monroeville (Harper Lee's hometown) with people I love. Another bucket list item = ✔️✔️

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