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Ali Davies  Helping people create change to achieve the results that matter most to them. Consultant. Change Strategist. Coach. Designing life. Redefining work.

Our first spring living on the Island. Totally in love with Island life.

Sometimes taking a step back is a great way to move forward. Progress isn't always a linear path.

What things do you need to do each day, or start doing, that your future self will thank you for?

One of my guiding principles in life and work.

If you aren't designing your life you are leaving it to chance, and that is a hell of a gamble to take with your one and only life.

We teach people how to treat us by what we tolerate, not having strong enough boundaries, what we allow repeatedly, settling for what is unacceptable to us etc. People treat us in a way they know they can get away with. This applies to personal and professional relationships. So it is on us to set boundaries and behave in a way that encourages healthy relationships and interactions, combined with strong enough boundaries to protect ourselves from unhealthy, damaging or toxic behaviours.

Reading The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday. The book covers principles and approaches to overcome adversity and obstacles in order to turn trials into triumphs and achieve the results that matter most to you. An interesting little book with some great points.

Mother's day picnic and day out with my boys. Happy Mother's day to all Mums. Have a wonderful day.

The location for today's meeting with Junior's Learning Consultant is so pretty. At the beach to discuss preparations for the next chapter of his self designed, personalised education journey.

Important to keep this in mind during challenging times and when things happen that you wouldn't choose.

Important to keep this in mind when creating change in life or work.

This is an interesting book. I am currently reading Give and Take by Adam Grant. Fascinating research, insights, and examples of how behaviour and interactions with others impact our personal and professional relationships, results, and success.

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