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David Yurman  Discover the artistry and inspiration of America’s preeminent jewelry designer. Men's Collection: @davidyurmanmen.

#MemorialDay weekend style: dark denim and playful charms layered with new Rio Rondelle and Spiritual Beads turquoise necklaces. #DavidYurman

Color comes alive in new DY Renaissance® and Rio Rondelle bracelets. Create a chromatic stack with turquoise, blue sapphires, white agate, chrysoprase and emeralds. #DavidYurman

Prized for its clear, sky-blue color, Sleeping Beauty turquoise is sourced by David Yurman from Arizona’s Gila County. The rare gemstone is named after the mountainous region, which resembles the outline of a woman lying on her back. #DavidYurman. Image credit: Jackson Tyler Eddy, @aframeforward

Welcome summer with Châtelaine® rings whose turquoise cabochons evoke brilliant skies and crystal-clear waters. #DavidYurman

This one-of-a-kind necklace from the Artist Series juxtaposes the elemental beauty of raw emeralds with the refined artistry of hand-set black diamonds. #DavidYurman

Hand-selected emeralds transform artful chains into a statement of pure glamour from our High Jewelry Collection. #DavidYurman

A glamorous take on May’s birthstone. Each emerald on this pinky ring is hand-set into a mosaic pavé pattern as unique as a fingerprint. #DavidYurman

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women we call mom! May her day be unforgettable with a gift of beauty that endures. #DavidYurman #MothersDay

These limited-edition Albion® rings combine David Yurman’s eye for form with his wife Sybil’s love of color. In David Yurman’s signature cushion cut, one-of-a-kind turquoise and sugilite sit low on the hand. #DavidYurman #MothersDay

“Design is part of our romance and our life,” says Sybil Yurman. These DY Delaunay rings celebrate modern synergies and uncompromising love. #DavidYurman #MothersDay

“It’s your uniqueness that brings fun and energy to what you’re wearing,” says Sybil Yurman. She loves to celebrate her grandchildren by wearing these Cable Collectibles® charms with their initials. #DavidYurman #MothersDay

Mosaic pavé patterns of hand-set gems, each as individual as a fingerprint, infuse these pinky rings with vibrant color. “It’s very playful and sophisticated at the same time,” says Sybil Yurman. #DavidYurman #MothersDay

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